Friday, March 12, 2010

RV awareness..

Well I am sitting here in a hotel in (of all places) Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  Why, you may ask,am I in the heart of where Dollyworld is located? The answer... I am on the way to see my DD play softball again at the University of Tennessee.  Last week we were in Baton Rouge, Louisiana watching her play at Louisiana State University. We drove about 750 miles between Texas and Louisiana and now we are driving about 800 miles between North Carolina and Tennessee. Yes... we are crazy and Yes... we are huge fastpitch softball fans.

So what is the point of this story?  It is all about RV awareness...RVA! Everywhere I look now I see RV's ... motorhomes to the left, fivers to the right, pop-ups, travel trailers, toy haulers... OH MY! This RVA is driving me crazy.  I was never aware that there were so many of them on the road, in yards, on the side of the roads, in storage areas.... We see them in the RV parks... which are everywhere also.  We stop and drive into some of the parks and take notes (don't know when we might be passing through).   But this RVA has us seeing RV's everywhere. Dang! They are everywhere... but where is mine?


  1. Your new RV is just waiting to be found!

  2. i am sure it is... but patience is more than a virtue...

  3. I've notice the same thing. We drive a highway that is a pass between San Jose and the coast. I drive at no rush hour time and have become more aware of how many are on the move!

    And yes, I'm seeing them in back yards too!