Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tips gleaned from the net…

flapAnyone who knows me would know that I tend to over research things before I do them and would therefore not be surprised by the amount of information I have been collecting about full time RV’ing. So I I will list some of tips that other full time RV’ers have offered from what they learned, or at least learned to think about:
* You will be happiest full timing if you are dissatisfied with your previous life and are adventurous, daring, curious, tolerant, and practical. If planning to do this with another person you must LIKE that person.
Now who could argue this sound piece of logic?  It looks as if we are the perfect candidates… :)
* The cost of full timing is whatever money you have. You are likely to not make major changes in your lifestyle except for the fact that the scenery through your window changes.
More and more blogs that I have read suggest that this is true…
* Figure out how you will handle communications, finances, insurance, and health care before you start.
This takes longer than you think… i have been consolidating our financial accounts which takes a lot of time filling out forms etc…
* Get rid of as much stuff as you can then get rid of more until everything fits into your RV.
‘nuff said… this too takes way more time than you may think…
    * When taking possession of your RV, look at and test everything: structure, chassis, propane system, electrical system, appliance systems, generator, hydraulic systems, slides, and auxiliary systems. If you don't know how to do this, bring someone who does. After all, this is your house we are talking about.
There are lots of lists on the net that will assist you in this endeavor and yes I have links to a lot of these as well… now I have to start organizing all those as well. But at some point we are going to have to stop researching and start doing…  It is time to start testing our wings for our future flight…


  1. We are doing all of those things. Testing the relationship and making sure we are both on board is very important and where we are right now.

    I am the researcher this time, but it's great to have a community ou there who is willing to give tips and support.

  2. ...and all it takes it time... :)