Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Looking for a motorhome sucks…

rv-interior2Catchy title… huh? But really… looking for a motorhome that you want to live in fulltime is really hard work!!! I mean we look at a rig and everything looks good but the color scheme sucks!  What is it with the designers of motorhomes? Do they buy all of their fabrics on sale at the discount store or do they get the leftovers from the Las Vegas casinos?

0942V_WindowTreatment_XGAI mean really!!! We have looked at a lot of motor homes and in general we like a lot of them but the décor is really hideous on many of them. I am just saying… we want to live in this and not feel like we stayed a night in a cheesy hotel…

ugly-couch-300x225But really we have started narrowing it down to less than a dozen rigs and we have finally come to grips that we may have to remodel the décor of whatever rig we may buy. 

So besides looking for motorhomes we sold our truck today and got to pay the entire proceeds to the tax man for the property taxes on our house… Nick there is a blog in here somewhere if you want it…

DSC_0203So we are less than 50 days to retire and leave this place and still don’t have a rig…

Wish us a lot of luck! Hope we don’t find an ugly one…


  1. I think I will be so happy to have a rig I like overall that the decor won't bother me to much. It's amazing how much decorating different people do do. I agree that most of them remind me of motel 6 however.

    Good luck.

    Any action on the house?

  2. I agree...I can't understand who actually earns money decorating most of the RVs out there. It seems to me that they would choose something neutral that would appeal to the masses. After all, you can always spice up solids, but it's really hard to hide all those prints. The decor of our coach was one of the factors which sold us on it. The furniture is all one solid color, the dining chairs are neutral and the border wallpaper is not totally hideous. We were lucky because this just happened to be the model that met most of our other criteria too. But there were more than a handful of RVs that we immediately walked out of solely because of the decor. While you can certainly change some things, you don't want a unit that you have to do a complete overhaul on. Keep looking and keep focused...your dream is out there. Good luck!

  3. I agree 100% on the ugly decor in nearly every rig you look at. I looked at only one rig with decent style, the couches where leather the window treatments weren't awful but it was a $996,000 motor coach.

    We shouldn't have to pay nearly a million dollars for smart style. Maybe one of these days the RV manufacturers will listen to us ladies.


  4. Call me just plain dull and boring, but solid muted colors are soothing. Enjoy looking for the right rig.

  5. Good luck. Just around the corner is the one!

  6. All the luck in the world is coming your way. The reason we bought the fiver that we did, was because of the decor. All neutral colors. very peaceful. You will find it.

  7. Totally agree about the ugly fabrics. I also think they could skip the light colored carpet that picks up dirt like a magnet. They could skip the carpet totally IMO.

    Having decor I could live with was a big reason we bought the Winnebago Brave. I actually Liked it not just could tolerate it. Well the decor and I trust Winnebago and it was perfect for us in terms of size and set up and of course price. :-)


  8. Hmmm... those I saw (in the one and only one RV show we went to), I remember most seats were leather covered... I know we will have a hard time finding ours, for one, NO carpet, tiles are so much easier to clean!

    47 days left, wow, how exciting!

    Good luck in searching for your dream rig!

  9. Oh dear, I just know I'm going to offend someone. But if the advice of an experienced RVer means anything to you, decor is rather unimportant and superficial. It has nothing to do with economical and low-maintenance living. The "vehicle-ness" of an RV is where the expenses and hassles are; not the "housie-ness."

    When you want beauty you step outside the RV. The more of an indoorsman an RV wannabee is, the more likely it is that they're barking up the wrong tree.

  10. It's amazing how quickly RV decors can become dated, especially those of earliest years of the 21st century! Gotta salute Winnebago for going much more neutral in very recent years. That's a real plus, in my book. Of course, who knows how dated "neutral tones" will look in three or four years!

    Remember, valances can be replaced easily, and furniture a little less so. But, still, it can be done.

    The perfect rig is out there waiting for you. Good luck!

  11. One of the first things that we did in our RV was to cover the couch with a bright purple/pink sheet. Some newer RVs are gorgeous inside, but for the most part it's the same old, dated, ugly stuff.

  12. I couldn't agree more. Whenever I am looking at a used Class C, I wonder how much it would cost to have it all re-upholstered.

  13. IN our rig, what we wanted most was LARGE windows with lots of bright light and golden real solid woodwork. No printed panelling. All our carpeting and headers over the windows are light tans/blues and tasteful, not gaudy.

    But the couches... ohhhh the couches! We have a Safari Serengeti... imagine frosty blue and pink shimmery TIGER STRIPES!!! Yes... like a bordello!

    (of course we recovered them immediately)

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  14. I agree with you about the interior. Why can't they decorate with solids?

  15. I am glad I am not the only one that has a 'decor' problem. We finally found one we like and we are just waiting for the paperwork to be signed from the bank. Cherry cabinets, white leather, no blue & pink flowers. For us=awesome. Good luck and I can't wait to see pictures!

  16. Now that was a funny post! Yep, a lot of the decor does look it came out of a Vegas casino or worse. We were lucky enough to find a MH with decor that we could live with. Hope you found something you can live with or change easily.