Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bluewater Key RV Resort Site 8…

2011-06-16 Bluewater Key Resort side area2011-06-16 Bluewater Key Resort back deck2011-06-16 Bluewater Key Resort looking down the canal2011-06-16 Bluewater Key Resort front

Well with all the questions about the site we have landed on I decided it best to continue to blog a bit more about this site and what got us here. We were sitting pretty in South Carolina when the bride got a wild hair and thought we should apply for a work camper opening in the Florida Keys. I said why not and the next thing you know we are down in the Keys!

2011-06-16 2011-06-16 Bluewater Key Resort on deck looking at RVWe didn’t get a work camper position but we were asked to come on down because they liked our credentials but didn’t have anything for us now since they had just hired someone for the summer position. We were given a discounted rental offer and the hope of a future work camping gig after they got to know us. We thought it all over and figured that even if we never work camped in the keys this might just be the best opportunity we had to go down and stay a while since everything was booked for the winter when we originally planned to go down to the Keys.

2011-06-16 Bluewater Key Resort right behind our RVSo with the normal offseason rate at 59 per night for 11 or more nights and the offer we had at 40 per night for a month-long stay, we decided it was worth a go… and so here we are… So 1200.00 per month with taxes comes out to 1350.00 per month or 43.00 per night. Way over our budget but this is the Keys and as it appears we may very well be on the marquis spot for RV’ers in all of the Keys! So whether or not we get a gig out of this is not important to us as much as we got this location off our bucket list.

2011-6-18 bluewater key 019

So on to the site… these sites are amazing! I could not imagine that there were sites like this anywhere but yet here we are in a site that looks like it should be on an episode of “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Yes the back porch area is larger than the site we are parked on and yes it adjoins a salt water canal. And yes it can seat 21 people in the chairs and they provided for us this many seats on the lot without any needed use of our chairs needed. Crazyyeeee… Yes!

So the pictures in today’s blog are photos of the site and the surrounding area. If you hover your mouse over the pictures you will get a detailed description of what the picture is of. This just goes to show you if you seek out opportunities sometimes they will slam your door down and the next thing you know you are living a life’s dream… and so we are…


  1. Now thats what I call living,what a deal to hard to pass up. Enjoy

  2. Looks fantastic! We are so happy for your good fortune. Enjoy!

    We stayed in the Keys this winter at the Navy Base. It is such a fun place to visit. Seeing your pictures makes me realize how much I miss it.

  3. Looks just lovely! What a great spot to spend some time by the water!

  4. Yes the lots in this park are all amazing and if you really like the lot we are in we found out that it is for sale for $289,000 - YIKES!!!

  5. After your last post I went out and checked out the resort and thought wow how do they afford it? Glad to know you got a major discount. 40 is still steep but like you for that kind of spot I would go for it too and make up for it another month somewhere cheap. Enjoy your month living like the rich and famous!

  6. Does look like a fantastic place, but your rate scares the bejesus out of my frugal side. Not even for a shot at workcamping would I be able to pay that amount. I know it is more than just an RV park, and I am glad you and your wife are getting to experience it, but I will just look at your pictures and dream about it.

  7. Congratulations on being a quirky, misfit, outcast adventurer. I'd be proud!!