Friday, June 17, 2011

Our first ouchie and we made it to Bluewater Key…

2011-06-16 Long Beach Key to Bluewater Key Resort 004Our last morning in Long Key State Recreation Area was memorable… Why? Well we made our first “ouchie” on our motorhome. I knew when we left College Station, Texas on March 2nd that this day would eventually come. I use to work with rock climbers who always mentioned that if I took up the sport it would “when I fell” not “if I ever fall”… well, the same is true in RV’ing!

In RV’ing it is not “If you will damage your RV” it is “When you will damage your RV.”


Well it was finally our turn… As I was backing out of site 24 I heard the dreaded crunching sound of fiberglass cracking… YIKES!!! So I stopped and moseyed out of the motorhome to survey the damage. It appears as if a small wooden fence (unnoticed before I had started backing out) had pushed against the driver side front corner and scraped quite a bit of paint off it… and the crunch sound was the fiberglass cracking under the pressure of pushing against the unmovable fence. Fortunately the crack is underneath the front corner and out of sight. I will still seek assistance to see if it should be patched or not but after our first ouchie I think we will survived it rather well.

In RV’ing “You should carefully look both high and low before backing out and pay attention to unmovable objects that may be hiding in tall grass.”

2011-06-16 Long Beach Key to Bluewater Key Resort 010     2011-06-16 Long Beach Key to Bluewater Key Resort 011

With another valuable learning experience behind us we headed south again with our final destination just a little over an hours drive away. The going was slow even in the 55 mph zones as there was just enough construction and slow movers on the two laned highway 1… At mile marker 15 we slowed and as we approached mile marker 14.3 we saw the sign for Bluewater Key Resort.

2011-06-16 Long Beach Key to Bluewater Key Resort 006

Turning left off highway 1 we met the workcampers who guided us to our site – number 8. We backed in to it and leveled and put the slides out and as we got the RV in order we sat down and it suddenly hit us that we were in the Keys!!! Most of the pictures in this blog are of our site – number 8. We really can’t believe how spacious and well appointed it is. We were so fortunate to have taken the offer to come down in the summer and experience it…


  1. sorry to hear about the 'ding'! was bound to happen..happens to everyone!..enjoy your stay at the Keys!!

  2. The "Keys" look nice. Can't wait to see more pics. Sorry about the Ouchie, but as you said it's not too bad.

  3. Wow nice place and so lucky to have the chance to be there enjoy and send more pictures.

  4. Looks like paradise! Does that whole deck come with your space? Any boondocking spots in the Keys?

  5. Very nice. Sorry about your boo boo, but now you can put it all behind you. Beautiful spot.

  6. Ouchie number one, we learn from every experience, good thing its a small one! Enjoy the Keys.

  7. Sorry you hurt the motorhome but glad it was no worse. I too was wondering if that beautiful deck comes with the RV space. That is lovely.

  8. Sue and Doug - thanks for the comment

    Bob and pidge - yes bob the Ouchie was not too bad but it would have been better had it not happened.. oh well...

    Kenny And Angela's Adventure - we will for sure send more pictures

    Dave Dods - it feels like paradise! boondocking seems to be prohibited everywhere down here...

    George and Suzie Yates - yes george you are right - hope I don't have a lot more to learn

    Dave and Donna K - yes the deck is almost (if not) larger than the parking spot for the rig - we counted and you could seat 21 people on the seats they provided (not counting any chairs we brought with us)

  9. Wow!! That is a beautiful site there in the Keys. It sounds like it's set up for socializing with all the chairs so I'll be right there...

  10. Craig had his first ding on a rented RV in New Zealand. He had his second scrape with some branches with a rented one in our own driveway. Hopefully these will count if we ever get a rig of our own.

  11. Sorry about the ding but you actually made it a long time before the first ding, we had ours the first time we backed up at the dealers. That resort looks wonderful!

  12. Glad it wasn't a worse DING. I cannot believe that the patio goes with your spot. It looks like paradise! Sit back and enjoy!

  13. Looks like a PERFECT spot! Sorry about the OUCHIE. You're right... It's not IF you damage the RV, but rather WHEN. Glad you are going with the punches so to speak...

  14. What a gorgeous site! I wouldn't ever want to leave :)

    Sorry about the ouchie and glad it was relatively minor.

  15. You're so right about the ouchie. I just say it's the cost of the lifestyle. We have a friend who has a ding on each side in the back. She says if her rig was a few feet shorter she wouldn't have a problem.

    That was a great deal you made to stay at the resort. As you said, boondocking is just about impossible there. The only real bargain is for retired military.