Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hello Gaffney, SC…

Gaffney Welcom SignOur last night in Spartanburg, SC meant that we got to experience one more severe thunderstorm warning… Yeaaa for us!!!  Well as most of you know being in a motorhome during these type of events is no fun… so we made plans our last night to go over to the RJ Rocker’s microbrewery in downtown Spartanburg.

We had planned on visiting this place and since it was our last night and the weather was dicey we went for their “Tour and Taste” Thursday event and had a very enjoyable time. We enjoyed our tour and beer samples as the severe weather passed through the area. You can read more about this place and event on my Road Treats blog. Thanks RRJ Rocker’s we really enjoyed our last evening in Spartanburg, SC.

Site 15

The next morning we broke camp and headed just a short distance to the east of where we were to the town of Gaffney, SC. Well the initial address I plugged into Alice (our GPS) took us right to their corporate headquarters which would have been grand but it wasn’t their service center. I wondered why their didn’t appear to be any parking in their lot for large RV’s… Why we came here was to get the motorhome serviced at the Freightliner Oasis Service Center in Gaffney. The web wisdom has nothing but praise for this place so here we are.

bays in service centerAnother five minutes later and we pulled in on Campus Drive and pulled into the Freightliner Service Center. The center has 6 bays for servicing rigs and about 20 slots in the back of the service center with electrical hookups (for those of us that live in our RV homes). The waiting room below is where I suspect we will spend a good part of the day on Monday. We checked in with the lady at the counter to let her know we were here and that we had an appointment on Monday.

waiting area in service center

We stopped along the side and filled up with water and backed into site 15 which is adjacent to a small stretch of woods (we are parked in the lot in the picture at the top). We will be here until our service appointment on Monday and only stay longer if we need to. With a dinner of some homemade split pea soup done in the crock pot along with our first attempt at artisan bread we settled in for a nice evening…

Our future plans from here were to go north towards Boston where we planned to summer in the New England states, however, an interesting proposal the other day may have us heading south. Nice thing about this life style is that there are no real plans and your soft plans can shift on a dime… so we will see if our future travel plans change or not in a day or so…

artisan breadhomemade split pea soup


  1. Hope all goes well with the service on Monday!

  2. The bread looks like it was a success. :)

  3. We had really good service. The waiting room is really nice.

  4. Bread loks good. Are you using a bread machine for the mixing and baking it in the oven, or are you doing all the mixing by hand? A How we make bread post would be interesting.

  5. I echo Merikay's comment. How did you do the bread? One of the things I gave up when we hit the road was my bread machine . . .

  6. Hope your stay is a short one so you can get back on the road.

  7. The food makes me hungry so time for dinner.