Thursday, June 23, 2011

Key West comments…

Key West 005

Key West 045Happytrails said it had been many years since they were in Key West and agreed with 1my use of the word "quirky"  when I described the town in a single word… Quirky is probably an understatement when describing Key West. This town is a collection of local people who are either misfits, outcasts or adventure seekers (I haven’t figured out which ones we are yet since we seem to fit in rather well). With its eclectic architecture and  mystical ports right down the roosters and chickens found throughout downtown Key West – quirky can only be one of many descriptors of this town.

Wheelingit mentioned Jimmy Buffet and the beautiful beachy photos but one thing that surprised us (and may you too) is that Key West and the Keys in general don't have a lot of sandy beaches. Instead they have vast shallow flats that are rocky in nature and more suited to sitting in a chair and not laying on the beach...

Key West 062      Key West 098

John and Carol asked if we like to kayak and were recommending Blue Planet Kayaks that they took a trip with this past winter. We appreciate the tip (and love hearing from anyone with tips in general) and thought we would share this with you as well. When we first started RV'ing I knew I wanted to buy a kayak but was uncertain if my bride felt the same. Once we got here in the Keys the camp host let us borrow their one man Kayaks and we took a spin and practiced getting on and off of them in the water to snorkel. The end result is that we are now in the market for two kayaks... more research to do for me.

Key West 100Sherry said she was glad we took the chance to come down here so she could live vicariously through us. She was also curious as to where my bride saw the workamping position ad. I am not sure where she saw it but I first stumbled onto it in the irv2 forums. And we too are glad to have given  MargieAnne the opportunity to have a walk down memory lane to reminisce about her visit to the Keys.

Key West 099Kenny And Angela and Kevin and Ruth said they both enjoyed Key West! And FULL-TIMERS loved the original Margaritaville... We haven't taken the trolley tour but have followed around the conch train and listened from afar as they told historical tales to the tourists. By the way the locals in Key West are referred to a Conchs… We have even seen flags for the “Conch Republic” as they remind us of Texas and are quite proud of who they are.

And like George and Suzie Yates when we first visited the keys we were tourists while on a cruise ship. The last few days while we were in town we got to watch a couple of Carnival cruise ships leave Key West and it reminded us of those times waving goodbye to the Keys ... the only difference this time is now we get to stay as long as we like!!!


  1. Great post! It is quite a good kinda way!!

  2. We too followed the conch train but never heard the commentary. That was the least of our concerns at the time. We were lost and followed the train hoping to find a way out of the labyrinth of narrow street with beautiful old houses. It is certainly a fascinating town and deserves a visit long enough to see it all. Quirky, historic, famous food etc.

  3. One of the places I've always wanted to visit. I guess I'll just have to do it thru your eyes! Good post.

  4. You know I'd heard about those rocky flats, but never made it down to look. Interesting to know! Love the shot of the "mobile beer" man.

  5. We took a trip by sea plane to the dry tortugas NP. It was very interesting.

  6. From the pictures, I see what you mean about misfits. Enjoy!