Monday, June 27, 2011

Mallory Square Sunset Celebration…

Key West 016If you talk with anyone about Key West and ask them what things are a “must do” while you are visiting this southernmost city in Florida you most certainly will hear about the Mallory Square sunset celebrations. After all there is more to life in the keys than Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville – Isn’t there? So what is the hype about the Key West sunset celebration that is held at the very well known Mallory Square?

Key West 091       Key West 095

Mallory Square is the one place in the world that a large gathering of people celebrate the sun setting each and every day of the year. At Mallory Square you will not only find throngs of tourists along with a smattering of locals but you will also find a collection of street vendors and street performers. They are there, of course, to make a few bucks from the tourists before the sun sets. If you like juggling with fire and not so good singers then this event is for you.  It was exactly what I expected it would Key West 072be – a large crowd of tourists being conned shelling out a few bucks for a fun evening… This may be a fun time for a lot of people but is not really my cup of tea!!!

I am not all that into large crowds of people and the Mallory Square sunset celebration was what I expected of this type of event. Not only is everything in Key West between 7-10 pm overpriced in this area but parking is at a premium as well. However, despite my reservations we attended this “must see” event. Now I am a believer of making the best out of any situation so even here we were at least treated to a nice sunset and some acrobatic birds. It is also a good place to do some people watching and it was relaxing sitting on the dock of the bay... watching the sunshine pass away…

Key West 089    Key West 092

Key West 096Sailboats passing by, motorboats whirring by, and catamarans crammed full of tourists at 39 to 59 bucks per head were on the horizon all there to see the sun set here. I must admit there are really nice sunsets down here in the Keys but we are able to see them just as well from the deck on the salt water canal behind out RV.

At least now we can scratch this off our list of must do things for Key West and although we won’t have to do it again but you never know if the urge hits us we may just be in town tomorrow and do it all over again. We have many more things to do during our stay here in the lower keys and many more sunsets to see…


  1. jimmy buffet's margaritaville! that would be a fun place! the cloud formations..!!

  2. I liked the last picture, and I could sit and watch birds all day long. Stay cool...

  3. Beautiful photos! It's amazing, isn't it, what each area has to offer, and what they choose to celebrate. You have to give them credit - costs nothing to put on a sunset every day, and everyone has fun. Some people even make money on the "event." I'm glad you went and took us with you. :)

  4. Love your pics for today!! The clouds are just beautiful in your photos.
    Crowds are not my favorite thing either!!

  5. Well, now you have to tour Hemmingway's house and see the six-toed cats!

  6. At least you can say...been there, done that! We aren't into those types of events either but I am sure we would do it at least once. Loves the pictures.

  7. I DO hope you had a marguerita at margueritaville :)
    Love the ocean shots. Some beautiful colors there. Nina

  8. Now you have been there and done that, don't need to say "wish we had gone there"

  9. Well I do love the idea of celebrating the sunset. Seems like a better thing to celebrate than a lot of other things we celebrate.

    But I'm with you about the crows and the carnival. So sacrifice for the cause and sit out on your deck on the canal with a margarita and toast the gathering - from afar.