Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tomorrow we will be in the Keys!!!


It is hard to believe but tomorrow we will be in the Keys. We were planning on staying in Jonathan Dickens State Park another day but an opening at Long Key State Park opened up and I booked it this morning for tomorrow. It is just under 100_5147200 miles from here and about 60 miles from Bluewater Key so it will be a perfect transitional park to get us n the mindset of the keys.

Having said that we have enjoyed our day in J.D. state park near Jupiter Florida. This is a great park for the proximity to all the county beach parks in Jupiter, Juno and Palm Beach! This park cost about 28.00 per night (all taxes included) and is a great park proximal to a lot of neat places…

So what did we do today? We woke early and had coffee and chilled until about 10:30 this morning. We decided that we should spend the morning in the park so we road 100_5149our mountain bikes to the river and back which was about 9 miles but it was all on pavement so it was a fairly easy ride. We got see some desert tortoises and Osprey so it was fun. We stayed at the park until we ate lunch.Around 2:00 pm we decided to go over to Coral Cove Park to lounge around the beach and do some snorkeling. This park has some pretty decent snorkeling so we enjoyed our early afternoon snorkeling and lounging on the beach. Saw some moray eels and the wifey saw a shark – Yikes!!!

After we were done snorkeling we went to a pub on the beach for a cold beverage. This pub sits on a beach with blue water and a boat dock. The name of the place is the Square Grouper. I read about the name and apparently a square grouper is basically a 100_5148bale of marijuana that has washed up on the beach. It appears this happens frequently enough (when the coast guard is paying the drug runners a visit) that they have made a name for it – Square Grouper – pretty clever I think.

So tomorrow it is off to the keys… Wow, never thought we would live there I our lifetimes but here we go for a month or two stay…


  1. We checked out Long Key State Park when we stayed on Long Key last year at a motel while visiting the keys. Of course we dreamed of taking the motor home there someday, and I am looking forward to seeing you there.

  2. Can't wait for pictures from your workcamping park. Love the picture of the bird today. Stay cool.