Saturday, June 25, 2011

Trading tan lines…

Key West 032Key West 044We have been in Key West for a week now and have been here just long enough to realize it is all we expected it to be… hot, humid, and fantastic!!! While there aren’t any really beautiful beaches like we encountered in the Caribbean there are a couple of nice beaches in Key West. We already visited Higgs Beach so the next beach on our list was at Fort Zachery Taylor State Park.

Fort Zachery Taylor State Park is a 54 acre state park that has a lot to offer. Besides the beach and snorkeling in the park there is a historic fort from the mid 1800’s that was used during the civil war. Later in history it was used during the Spanish-American War and by the 1940’s the Navy took it over. Now designated a National Historic Landmark it is a must see when visiting the Keys.

 Key West 040Key West 029

Our main goal on this visit was to check out the beach and the snorkeling. There are a lot of Australian pines which provide shade for the picnic area as well as providing shade along the edge of the beach for people like me that like to control how much sun I am getting. We seem to be getting quite tan none the less…

Key West 030     Key West 037         

After laying out our beach mat we donned our snorkel gear and set out to one of the three rocky structures about 100 feet offshore to check out the undersea life. Snorkeling from the shoreline in the keys will yield some small hard and soft corals so if it is corals you want to see this is not the place to see them. The rocks however, shelter a wide diversity of critters and fish and is a fairly enjoyable snorkel in the Keys without spending big bucks to go out on a boat.

Key West 021     Key West 025

After a long snorkel it was back to our home at Blue Water Key Resort I have become aware of the fact that my Texas tan lines have changed… I use to have white feet with the classic “golfer’s sock tan line” but after a week in the Keys I now have brown feet and ankles with the “classic flip flop tan lines”… Life is tough here in the Keys… think we will stay a bit longer…Key West 022


  1. The Florida Keys is one of my dream destinations. It looks beautiful. Have fun!

  2. I agree with Levonne. On my bucket list too.

  3. Must be tough...

    Great pictures. Looks like a wonderful place to stay awhile.

  4. I love the fort, it looks very interesting. Our lovely tan from last winter has all but disappeared, we are so jealous.

    Kevin and Ruth

  5. It looks like an absolutely beautiful part of the world. The water is so blue. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful picutres and tours with us.

  6. I wasn't real excited to see this far away. BUT now I think we may just get down there.

  7. No more farmers tan? Oh, the tradegy of it all, how will you cope...? :)

  8. Boy you are breaking my heart here. Gorgeous beach, snorkeling......sigh, wish I were there.