Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Travel plans changed… off to the Keys!

“Our plans crashing and burning”sabre crashing into bridge

Well after spending our time in the customer service lobby at the Gaffney’s Oasis Freightliner service shop we were informed that our rig was finally finished and we could pay the bill and get on our way. Hooray! However, they weren’t able to do the wiring for our toad so we decided it prudent to spend one more night in their back lot to find someone along our route who could fix it (Camping World in Columbia,SC hopefully on Wednesday) before traveling on…

2011-5-31 Spartanburg and Greenville SC 019   2011-5-31 Spartanburg and Greenville SC 032 - Copy

The folks here at Freightliner were friendly and efficient but we hope that we never have to come back here. Although if we are ever in the area and in need of maintenance or service we would not hesitate to return and use their services and as a side benefit we met some nice RV’ers here as well.

So now the big news for us – our travel plans have changed!!! While we were here the last three days waiting for service we made a few inquiries down to the Florida keys to look for any places that could take us for this winter for a few months. Well not only were there no vacancies (you have to book at least a year out apparently), we also found that the rates were rather exorbitant (some places up to $4000 per month – YIKES!). We also had inquired about a possible work camper position at a resort only to be informed that it was filled. But after a long and lengthy discussion with this RV resort she had an offer for us…

Falls Park rocks - CopyAfter they had reviewed our resumes and talked with us a bit via phone she insisted we come down to the keys now, if we could, as she could accommodate us at a heavily discounted rate with the proposition that we are pseudo-interviewing for the next work camper opening. We wanted to go to the keys pretty bad this winter but we were on our way up north for the summer… and it was difficult to decide. After a long and lengthy discussion with each other we said what the heck…WE ARE GOING TO THE KEYS!!!!!

I always said to my kids and was now saying it to us “Doors open and doors close.”  If we were going to the keys this year it was going to have to be now since a door had opened… so we off to the Florida key’s and will be spending a month or two (maybe longer) at the Bluewater Key Resort at mile marker 14.5 just 10 minutes north of Key West. Funny how things turn out at times…


  1. Sounds great can't wait to hear how this plays out good luck your way.

  2. Sounds like a door opening to me! Looking forward to hearing all about it.
    Travel safely and enjoy the journey to your next destination! :-) Thats what this lifestyle is all about!

  3. Have great time in the Keys. The beauty of this lifestyle is we can go wherever we want, when we want!

  4. Great news for you. Can't wait for all of your great photos from there. Safe travels... :)

  5. Sounds like after the crashing and burning things have turned out for the better.

  6. ENJOY your trip to the warm waters of FL. Looking forward to your shots from there!

  7. Make sense to me. The keys are actually not so bad even in summer. You get that nice breeze. Enjoy!