Sunday, September 4, 2011

Acadia National Park…

2011-08-31 Acadia Natl Park 048

All I can say is WOW!!! If you have never been to Acadia National Park you must put it on your list now… We decided to make the 1.5 hour drive north up to Bar Harbor to visit the town we heard so much about but mostly we went to visit Acadia National Park.

2011-08-31 Acadia Natl Park 002

The mix of mountains, forested islands and the ocean combine in a way to provide you a path to a sensory wonderland. The green, blue and red hues of the forest, ocean and rock all serve to intoxicate your senses. There is so much to do here with a wide diversity of ways to enjoy it all… so I will only provide pictures and little verbiage as words can’t say it all…

2011-08-31 Acadia Natl Park 0092011-08-31 Acadia Natl Park 0252011-08-31 Acadia Natl Park 035

The park is an absolute must see spot… We would love to spend more time here but it a bit too far away from Camden. Plus with the Camden Hills in our backyard we are more than content to explore their beauty which rivals that of Acadia National Park. As for Bar Harbor, we felt as if it is a bit over rated and are much happier that we landed in Camden instead of there. It could be that we like Camden so much that we see no reason to like anywhere else better.


  1. Your photos speak for themselves. It has always been on our list but now it has a star beside it!

  2. We have taken the ferry from Nova Scotia to Bar Harbor, camped there and toured around a bit then came back to the area and National park again stopping at several towns and cities in New England, love the area.

  3. Fabulous photos. It is already on the list but now it has a star!

  4. We were there years ago. It is an absolute awesome area. Your pictures are beautiful! Thanks for taking me back to a gorgeous spot!

  5. Gorgeous! We were amazed by the Maine coast in general. Being from the Mid-Atlantic states, I couldn't believe the rugged and undeveloped coastline.

  6. I love Acadia- when we visit we stay in Southwest harbor-pretty and quiet there