Saturday, September 24, 2011

A day in Newport Rhode Island…

2011-9-21 Mystic CT and Mohegan Casino 001r

With the low pressure cell hanging around in the northeast you pretty much need to go out earlier in the day since it seems to cloud up and rain later in the day. We thought since we weren’t too far from Newport, Rhode Island that we might as well go see what the cliff walk was all about.

2011-9-21 Mystic CT and Mohegan Casino 009We had read about the Cliff Walk while looking for things to do in the area and the fact that it had been designated a National Recreation Trail made it even more interesting. To get there from here requires one to go over a toll bridge that the internet said would be $2.00 per care each way but when we got to the toll bridge you could see the new signs of $4.00 per car each way – a 100% increase in tolls… WOW!!!

After driving around the Historic Ten Mile drive to take in all the sights that are Newport (the Harbor is really scenic and worth staying a while) we made our way over the the area that is known as the cliff walk. As many reviewers noted and we agreed is that it never seemed clear to us where the cliff walk really ended or began.

2011-9-21 Mystic CT and Mohegan Casino 008We found it by following a sign that took us to a dead end street where it intersected the trail. We would find out later that we were about 1/3 of the way down the trail from the beach. From where we began the the walk the path was paved for a long stretch. We walked about 3/4 of a mile towards the beach and then noticed that that was probably where it ended. So we walked back and then started walking the other direction for about the same distance until we got to the college.

The path was paved all the way to the college and past it so I assume the path eventually ended and you got to walk on natural terrain but we never found it. With the dicey weather we wouldn’t have attempted the whole walk anyhow but after all the accolades I read about this walk I was underwhelmed.

2011-9-21 Mystic CT and Mohegan Casino 016The positives of this walk are that it was an easy walk (at least the part we did) and there are some great views of the ocean and most important is that it was free. However, there were few nice views of the shoreline and fewer opportunities to walk along it and there are lots of huge mansions (if you are into this it would be a positive for you). Sharon enjoyed the experience but I didn’t see what all the hype was all about. I can only hope the part of the trail we didn’t walk was much better than the part we did walk.

So it was back to Mystic where you can always enjoy the free entertainment of watching the Mystic draw bridge go up and down… kind of like this day was…

2011-9-21 Mystic CT and Mohegan Casino 012


  1. I lived in Newport many years ago before the bridge when everyone took a ferry. $8 round trip sounds like a lot for that bridge.

    Newport was a really cute town at that time and I did the Cliff Walk often. But I don't recognize it from your description. And like you, I'm not much for the ultra wealthy and mansions these days even if they are now museums which also, I hear, charge big fees to go inside and look around.

    Your drawbridge day actually sounds better than my waiting in the parking lot at Winnebago one.
    BUT both sound better than working :-)


  2. Beautiful pictures. The draw bridge is amazing. I just can't understand how someone could invent something like that. Too smart for me.

  3. We did the Tennis Hall of Fame and one of the mansion tours. We liked them both. The thing I liked about the mansions is they were "summer homes" :). We had a coupon so we got two for on on the admission.

  4. Good to hear from you via comment. Thanks. About Christchurch .... it's all demolition these days. I think we are going to be shocked when we visit this time because previously closed unsafe areas are open but only because buildings have been removed. There will be many empty sites. While we are there a shopping centre in Cashell Street is expected to open. It will be consist of shipping containers ... that will be interesting. Many people are discouraged and insurance companies are bickering. Most continue life as normal but many have extremely difficult conditions. The cost keeps growing and local government squabble. I do hope it all works out but I sense a weariness and reconstuction seems a long way off.

    There'll be plenty to write about in the coming weeks... all I need is time.