Monday, September 12, 2011

Alfalfa Farm Winery… Topsfield, MA

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We left Salisbury, MA yesterday in route to the Alfalfa Farm Winery where we were going to spend the night at the winery. Why you may ask?  Well this will be our first “gig” using the Harvest Hosts organization. In case you haven’t heard of them, Harvest Host is a community of farmers,producers and wineries that allow campers and RV’ers to spend the night on their farms – FREE of Charge!

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stuff 003Now this will be boondocking so you must be self contained as there are no water, sewage or electrical hookups but you may end up staying at some pretty neat sites in the country and let’s be real it beats boondocking at a Walmart.

Now logically this program wouldn’t exist if campers and RV’ers didn’t purchase something from the Harvest Host. But we would do the same thing if we boondocked at a Walmart. However, with Harvest Hosts you will be able to purchase hand crafted wines,  and cheeses or pick your own fruit or produce. Obviously, these are items that can’t be purchased in a Walmart…

IMAG0441So our first night stay had us cozied up behind the two tall silos of the Alfalfa Farm Winery on one side of us and the grapevines loaded with white and red grapes on the other side. Now we are a little closer to the highway than we would prefer but the white noise it created was not bothersome to us.

Once settled we took a walking tour of the winery and browsed the store until we settled on purchasing one of their award winning red wines – Red Silo. This blended red wine has excellent color and flavor and was quite nice before dinner.

The Harvest Hosts program cost $30.00 per year which means if you use it twice you have more than gotten a full return on your money. Also they have a “Refer a Friend” program where they will add one month to not only our membership, but also to the your new membership.  If you decide to join Harvest Hosts and want his extra free month send me an email at and I will send you our name so you will qualify for the free month. Since all you have to do is include our name on your Sign up Form when you join Harvest Hosts it is a win-win situation for both of us, and after all it is hard to beat getting anything free now days…


  1. Great place to check out! I have read a few times about this program and it sounds like our cup of tea... or bottle of wine? LOL

    We will probably join up Harvest Hosts when Steveio retires. will keep in mind the referral program and let you know.

    You are the first RVer we have read on a blog who stayed at a place through the program and posted about it.
    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  2. Another blogher we follow just stayed at a winery on their way down from Canada. They really enjoyed the experience. We have the site bookmarked but haven't joined yet. Thanks for letting us know that it does work. Enjoy the ride.

  3. As soon as we are boondock ready this is a program I want to join. :)

  4. We have now stayed at five different wineries in the Harvest Host program. Love can you go wrong??

  5. Interesting concept; something we'll look into joining when we become fulltimers.

  6. LOVE the Harvest Hosts idea. We haven't used them yet, but have now followed 2 blogs that have. GOTTA get in on that deal!

  7. Interresting concept, greeting from belgium