Sunday, October 23, 2011

Blog pondering…

2011-10-21 Huntington Beach SP 002As was not unexpected the comments to my last blog on to launder or not were very polar. Having only been involved in the RV community for less than two years (less than one as a fulltimer)  it 2011-10-21 Huntington Beach SP 051seems that most people who RV have very strong opinions in their likes and dislikes. Whether it be laundry or not, 5er or motorhome, diesel or gas etc. RV’ers usually have a strong opinion. When I post a blog such a blog like the one on laundry I was not trying to imply which is better or worse, I am merely expressing our opinion of our likes and dislikes. I do love, however, that many others commented on that blog since one of the purposes of our blog is to inform others as to what they may expect in this fulltime lifestyle of RV’ing.

I remember when we were first getting the itch to sell all our stuff and run away from society in an RV that it was blogs and newsgroups where we found our most useful information. So every now and then I feel an obligation to “pay back” those who blogged before us with our own little tidbits of what works for us and 2011-10-21 Huntington Beach SP 048will continue to do so in future blogs. The other purpose of our blog was to be a log of our journey that our kids and grandkids could follow as well as some of our friends and acquaintances. Not real sure any of them do but it was a purpose…

I have also found (now that we are on the road) that it is fulfilling to sit down and collect our thoughts on what we have experienced and then put them in writing. Doing so not only provides us a historic account of what we have done or where we have been but it also gives a time to pause and reflect upon the “moments” we have enjoyed while visiting all these wonderful places we have in our country that so many other Americans seems to ignore…

2011-10-21 Huntington Beach SP 054Enough pondering and back to Myrtle Beach State Park… We had heard how nice Huntington Beach State Park was and how sorry we would be going to Myrtle Beach SP when we could have gone to Huntington Beach SP. So we visited Huntington Beach SP since the two State Parks are only about 17 miles apart. This means you can stay in one and visit the other with no additional fees. For those of you who visit the area I would have to agree in part that Huntington SP has more diversity of trails and may be a tad nicer but as far as the rest goes II really don’t see a huge difference between the two parks. They both have nice trails, facilities and campgrounds and have a very nice stretch of beach to visit. The weather here has been fantastic and since the beach has not been very crowded we are really enjoying a relaxing time here in Myrtle Beach.


  1. We totally agree with your first few paragraphs. It is nice to see what people think BUT it should be just opinions not the gospel! I like to go back and reread what people say about certain topics. You did a great job!
    We also use our blog as a way of keeping in touch with family/friends, and we turn our blog into a book at the end of each year. It is a way to remember memories we will always cherish.

  2. Yes the blog is a great way to document your travels and experiences for yourself , family and friends. As for advice, we take all the advice we can get, access what is given to us, research some more then hopefully make and educated decision.

    Enjoy the beautiful beaches there.

  3. I would be interested in knowing how folks turn the blog into a book??? Mike and I really would like to do that as well. We've talked about it but did not know how to go about it. Any suggestions would be wonderful. Thanks!!

  4. Each of your photos today are FANTASTIC!

    Karen and Steve

    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  5. We also agree with the first part of the blog keep it up. Thanks

  6. I love hearing all the opinions on every topic related to RVing. I always learn something and who knows when I might just change my mind. :-)

    Gotta get back to those beaches. Your gorgeous pictures are making me know like homesick.

    I guess that's more apt than I actually realized. By the water is definitely where I consider home.


  7. I enjoy your blog and have learned a lot in prep for our entering the full time RVing lifestyle. I read many full time RVer blogs and find this is a good way to learn if you can't get to some of the Rallies.

  8. I started doing the blog for family and friends but few of them read it. Now, I enjoy the community online and learning about new places to see and interesting things to do.