Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Jordan Lake State Rec Area, NC…

2011-10-08 Jordan Lake SP NC 002

We have been in the Jordan Lake State Rec Area for a couple of days now and have finally located a freightliner dealer that will take a look at our motorhome. We have a leaking front axle seal that needs to be taken care of as well as a recall issue on a hydraulic switch. When looking at the inside of the rim of the front tire there is a lot of grease/oil in the area where it should be dry. Our biggest concern is safety and causing further damage so I have been calling around the Raleigh area to locate a service center. We will be taking it to the Tri-Point Truck Center just north of Raleigh NC early this morning. I’ll let you know how the service turns out…

2011-10-08 Jordan Lake SP NC 006

In the meantime we have been enjoying the lake and the state rec area. We have been getting in some long walks and we do most of our walking here along the scenic sandy shoreline of Lake Jordan. It is a beautiful wooded lake and the foliage in this area is just beginning to change colors.

2011-10-08 Jordan Lake SP NC 001

We plan to stay for a week or two in this area but our plans will really be determined by outcome of our service call.. just ask Emma. We went to look at a few area parks that offer full hookups but so far haven’t found anything we really like. We usually go to the fairgrounds in Raleigh but with the State Fair starting Friday they are not letting anybody in to camp.

100_6163Our daughter came to the rig Sunday and we had a nice dinner and visit. We will see her a few more times while we are in this area. We think we will head to Myrtle Beach after we leave here, but we shall see…

This morning I am being greeted with the steady pit-pat of rain on the motorhome. It is rather relaxing and  soothing as I sip on my freshly brewed coffee… However, I had wished the rain would hold off until we had driven the motorhome the 35 miles to the service center. We are hoping this repair will be covered on our Good Sam extended warranty. Hopefully this rain is not an omen… As the old adage goes – “when it rains… it pours…” here is hoping it only sprinkles…


  1. Hope it all goes as smoothly as possible. There is something unsetteling about taking your house in for repairs.

  2. Good luck with the repairs and hopefully the warranty coverage, then should be good for a while. Just like any vehicle and house there is maintenance and repairs and with a bit of luck nothing too major.

  3. Yup, we trust your Good Sam extended warranty is better than what we were sold when we bought our rig - Interstate.

    On recent work the dealer will not accept them as they fight not to pay. We called Interstate and was told we could pay upfront and get reimbursed.

    Dealer left two messages to Interstate before doing the work. No return calls. Did the work. We then contacted Interstate and they refused to pay. Said had to be pre-approved and they do NOT return phone calls.

    Dealer took over with dealing with Interstate and told us they agreed to pay some of the costs. We will see.

    We think Good Sam is much better and hope all goes well with you.

  4. You have sure picked a beautiful spot to camp. Love the picture of the leaves turning. Good luck with your repairs.

  5. Hope the repairs only take an afternoon or they have sites with electricity you can camp in. Hate to see you drive 35 miles back and forth for multiple days. Good luck! We've been on the motorhome repair route just recently. Hope yours costs less than ours. Actually, hope yours costs zero.

  6. The autumn leaves on that tree are so beautiful. Sure hope your repairs don't take too long.

  7. It seems rather late for a State Fair. Hope your repairs go smoothly and you can back to living!