Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Life is just beachy…

2011-10-21 Huntington Beach SP 052

We are really enjoying our time here at Myrtle Beach and had almost forgotten how much we really enjoy being near the ocean. The beach offers us so much in variety of what we are able to do for entertainment. Our favorite things to do at the beach:

2011-10-21 Huntington Beach SP 057  2011-10-17 Myrtle Beach 031

  • just lounge away while enjoying the sun and the sounds of the surf
  • set in a chair and read while absorbing all that is around
  • riding bicycles along the hard packed sand
  • stroll up and down the beach

2011-10-21 Huntington Beach SP 061

  • search for treasures along the shoreline
  • watch the sun rise or set on the water
  • just stand and listen to the surf crashing in alongside the beach
  • watch the birds fishing and flitting along
  • people watching is always entertaining along the beach
  • watch for dolphins and whales

2011-10-21 Huntington Beach SP 059Did you notice I didn’t put fishing on the list? It isn’t because I don’t like to fish it is just very expensive for us “out of staters” to get legally licensed to fish in each state we pass through. I sure wish they would offer a national fishing license for those of us who reside in all of the United States and not just in one… sigh…

Sharon has always been a “beach bum” and I have always been a “mountain man” but there is a part of me that also loves the beach. So we are both looking forward to spending part of our winter time along the beach by the ocean enjoying the sights and sounds and all that it provides… Maybe, just maybe, I will buy a fishing license while in Florida to enjoy that part of the beach as well…


  1. I think we must be related. Those are my favorite things to do at the beach as well. Although I don't like fishing. I'm a crabber and and a total beach bum. Serious envy mode here seeing your pictures. But I can see you are enjoying it enough for us both so thanks!


  2. We love the beach too but also love the mountains. Glad you are enjoying it. The one thing we have a hard time doing is reading while we are at the beach. We read a page then look up and around thinking maybe we are missing something. Takes us forever to get through a book at that rate!

    Kevin and Ruth

  3. We are at the beach now and also love it. Your list mirrors ours. Glad you are having such a relaxing fun time.

  4. I'm like you....I enjoy the beach and the relaxation but I REALLY ENJOY the mountains and wilderness!

  5. That sure looks nice. One thing I miss being an Oregonian, is the warm times on the beach. We have a beautiful coastline but it's seldom warm. I enjoyed your photos.

  6. There really is not much better than watching the sun rise and set over the water. Truly - La Dolce Vita..

  7. Sure do love the beach too when we have a chance.