Monday, October 17, 2011

Myrtle Beach…

2011-10-17 Myrtle Beach 026
Our 200 mile drive onto South Carolina was fairly uneventful… well there were those roads with absolutely no shoulders and semis coming from the other direction… However, we made it to Briarcliffe RV Resort a Passport America park 2011-10-17 Myrtle Beach 013we had heard good things about. Our initial perception is that it is a really nice park and it is right in the middle of the town of North Myrtle Beach… however, the sites are really close together and fairly tight. Good that a nice fellow moved his jeep so I could make the tight turn around the tree when I was backing into the site. Given all that… this park seems to be a nice and friendly park and it is nice to have full hookups for a change…
2011-10-17 Myrtle Beach 007The beach is less than one and quarter miles from our rig and everything we could possibly need is within five miles. We will stay here for then next five days and then head over to Myrtle Beach State Park which I hope won’t be as tight and I am pretty sure we wont be parked as close to our neighbors as we are now.
With an 80 percent chance of rain tomorrow and a high today predicted in the 80’s, we chose 2011-10-17 Myrtle Beach 006today as a beach day. I was a bit concerned about the beach being crowded since the last time we were here the traffic was horrible along the beach front. What a difference several months makes as there is virtually no traffic and only a few people on the beach this glorious Monday.
We got to the beach in ideal weather and as a result we stayed for the entire afternoon… lounging… sunning… relaxing… walking along the beach. We were not only treated to great weather but while there we say an osprey flying overhead with a fish in his/hers talons, a bald eagle flying in towards the shore after a tough day of fishing, and two dolphins frolicking in the surf…
2011-10-17 Myrtle Beach 0292011-10-17 Myrtle Beach 019
Yes, I think we are going to enjoy our stay in Myrtle Beach even with the rain on the horizon… good thing we need to do laundry!!!


  1. Myrtle Beach sounds (&looks) fabulous!

  2. I have always hated crowds. Off season is always best most places.

  3. Enjoy the area in the off season, its quite nice.

  4. Welcome to Myrtle Beach! Sent you an email via the link off your profile.

  5. Gorgeous beach pictures. Particularly love the one of the sand. Isn't it wonderful to be able to go to the beach when nobody else can. :-)
    Definitely NVing U at this point.


  6. We enjoyed our stay at Myrtle Beach State Park a few years ago. Only warning I can give you there is fill up your water tank and use the water that way. When we were there twice we got a leak in our water hoses. Found out the the squirrels there know that the water runs through them and when they get thirsty they chew a little hole in the hose to get their water. Too funny!

    Kevin and Ruth