Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Yet another day for the beach…

2011-10-17 Myrtle Beach 011

With a change in weather coming very soon (rain and colder air on the way) we decided it best to cram in a few more beach days. So for the most part we have either been lounging along the beach or taking long walks along the beach… both of these activities suits us just fine.

2011-10-17 Myrtle Beach 009We came across a huge RV park right on the beach right in the middle of Myrtle Beach named Apache Family Campground and Pier. We walked around the mostly full campground and as the header picture might suggest they really pack them in here. The sites are extremely close together with slides nearly touching slides. Very few awnings were out due to the proximity of your neighbor. Definitely not my kind of place, I don’t care how close to the water it is.

We walked out on the nearby pier since there seemed to be lots of fishermen out there. A lot of people were catching a lot of2011-10-17 Myrtle Beach 025 small fish they were calling spots – in Texas we called them croakers but to the scientists they are Leiostomus xanthurus. At the very end of the pier there were a lot of big fishing rigs set up and after listening to few people talk they were apparently fishing for King Mackerel. According to the chatter there were over a dozen of these fish caught off this pier last year. I can’t even imagine hauling in a fish weighing upwards to 50 lbs off the end of this pier.

Last night we made our way over to a sports bar with a fairly nice happy hour to meet up with another blogger to play some trivia. We both read each others blogs and we decided to meet up since we were both in the Myrtle Beach area. Both of us are recent fulltimers and if you want to read  their blog go check out The Boonedocks. We really enjoyed playing trivia and getting to know Gary and Leeanne. We look forward to crossing paths again some day down the road…

2011-10-17 Myrtle Beach 021


  1. Lovely beach shots! Looks like some gorgeous weather you're getting there!

  2. Definitely not my kind of place, I don’t care how close to the water it is.

    No kidding, we simply don't get it. But obviously lots of people like that kind of park, so I guess whatever turns your crank...

  3. When we stayed at Briarcliffe we visited friends a few times who were camped there, enjoyed their beach and pier while they payed the big bucks for a small campsite in the sand. Not our kind of place either.
    They took us to our first Bonefish Grill and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

  4. We finally made it to Gulf Shores. We hope we can spend some time on the beach like you two have been doing. Right now it is a COLD 67. Suns out but the wind is CHILLLLLLLLY!
    That park is too big and too crowded for us also.

  5. As much as we like being close to the water, this campground would drive us nuts ... sometimes it just isn't worth it. Like the birds with the reflections.

  6. I'm with ya'll. I love the beach but I don't have to be parked in a parking lot right on it.

    Really NVing you your time there though.