Monday, February 6, 2012

A stroll in Lakes Regional Park…

sora rai in cattails

2012-02-01 Seminole Campground area 057Not too far away from Seminole Campground is a really nice regional park called the Lakes Regional Park in Lee County. This park found in central Fort Myers contains 279 acre of wetlands and woodlands. Lakes Park began as a man-made area where rock was quarried during the 1960's and today its main feature is the 158 acres of freshwater lakes that range in depth from from a few inches to 20 feet. The wetlands host many species of birds, fish, and reptiles as well as supporting abundant and varied wildlife.

The park’s approximately 2.5 miles of paved and natural pathways, along with some nice boardwalks, make for a pleasant walking place The trails are laid out nicely where every turn offers either an opportunity to see native critters or frames the perfect photographic opportunity for us amateur photographers.

swamp rabbit

yellow legumeWhile there we were treated to seeing lots of birds in all sizes from spotting an American bald eagle flying overhead to the diminutive sora rail meandering through the cattails. Seeing the sora rail was a real treat for us as they are more often heard than seen. We spotted American Alligator and a swamp rabbit as well as a brown water snake while strolling. This is a great place to come out to to get some exercise and to observe how well the native flora and fauna have blended into this urban environment.

brown water snake - natrix

2012-02-01 Seminole Campground area 054I write this blog while sitting in the dining room of our friends house near Key West. They called and said they were in Key West and wanted to know if we could visit and as much as we hate the keys ;) we broke from our normal routine and made the 295 mile drive down to spend four or five days with them. Even during the rains in the Keys this is a beautiful place to be…


  1. What a wonderful park. I would love to see all that wildlife and the American bald eagle...what a treat! Enjoy your stay in that awful place called Key West...LOL ~wheresweaver

  2. A good friend of mine lives right next to Lake Park and writes about his walks there every day. So, it's nice to see your blog and read of your positive experience there.

  3. More time in the Keys, what a sacrifice. lol Enjoy!

  4. Nice looking park. Anytime you can spend in the Keys is always fun!

  5. Oh what a shame. You had to go to the keys for FOUR or FIVE days. I'm just feeling SO sorry for you. :-)

  6. A lovely park ... and you're back in they Keys ... what more could you want out of this life.

  7. If I invited you over to Port Saint Lucie on Saturday for the day, would you drive the considerably less than 295 miles? Well, consider yourselves invited. You have my number. I'll get there late Thursday.

    The Keys are really tough to take in February. Enjoy!