Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Albany Georgia and heading towards Red Bay…

2012-03-05 Chehaw Oark Albany Georgia 002

The opening shot is a picture of Sharon on the beach in Jacksonville, FL. It was to be our last time to see the Atlantic for a while as we head west for the upcoming year. It was a foggy overcast day but you will not have a hard time telling that Sharon really loves the beach… we miss it already!!!

2012-03-05 Chehaw Oark Albany Georgia 006

2012-03-05 Chehaw Oark Albany Georgia 014We have stayed the last two nights in Albany, Georgia… from where Paula Deen, Ray Charles and female golfing sensation Nancy Lopez all hail from. Who would have figured that a small town in Georgia would contribute so much to the American culture? We stayed at the Parks of Chehaw which is a wonderful little spot in the middle of nowhere in Georgia. Spring has found it way here as the blue-its, spring beauties, and flowering dogwoods are all starting to bloom here.

2012-03-05 Chehaw Oark Albany Georgia 010The Parks of Chehaw have a small RV park within a larger park that also hosts a Frisbee golf course, a fishing pond, a BMX bicycle course, a huge kiddo playground, and believe it or not, a Zoo!!! The road into the park is nicely paved but once you reach the RV sites you will be on a dirt road. The loop has several full hook sites for $28 and more $20 electricity/water pull-thru sites, one of which we chose.

2012-03-05 Chehaw Oark Albany Georgia 011We had a blast playing Frisbee golf and would have played more but we had to go shopping for new glasses with bifocals :) for Sharon. The park is a real nice treat and we pretty much had the place to ourselves. The town of Albany on the other hand isn’t much to write home about even though it provided some celebrities…

So this morning it is off to Red Bay, Alabama where we hope to get some repairs done and some windows replaced. They said our windows were ready so I 2012-03-05 Chehaw Oark Albany Georgia 016guess we need to get there to queue up for the express bay. As I write this morning we haven’t decided if we want to push all the way to Red Bay today or stop somewhere along the way… I guess we will gauge how we feel along the way.

Where we head next depends upon when we are able to leave Red Bay. If we leave mid-week we may head west to Memphis and Arkansas or if we leave near the weekend we may head south toward New Orleans. It is tough having to make these decisions but either way we will have opportunities for plenty of fun…


  1. cute photo of Sharon! Loved that you played frisbee golf, wish we had been there with you! Good luck in Red Bay and hope they take great care of you.

  2. The beach will still be here when you come back!

    We lived in south Georgia for a few years. Loved their southern accents. They pronounced Albany...Al-benny.

  3. Your park looks awesome. It actually looks like a CC park. Beautiful setting. Speaking of Corp of Engineer...if you do go to Arkansas there is FANTASTIC CC park in Little Rock called the Maumelle Corp of Engineering Park. It is wonderful and right by Pinnacle Mountain. If you have a Golden Age Pass it is only $91/wk...electric and water. ~wheresweaver

  4. I love a beach too but there are so many wonders out there to explore. Safe travels as you drive west and I hope the weather cooperates.

  5. if not too late stop in the town of Eufaula, Alabama beautiful right on the river..you are probably way far by now

  6. Sharon's face says it all! So happy for the two of you. Enjoy your second year. We up here in Alaska are experiencing a record snow year. We just got another 4 inches last night bringing our total to about 120 inches. The record is 132. Our motorhome is sitting there surrounded by snow:( Still have about two months till we take her for a spin. Safe travels.
    Debbie in Alaska

  7. I'm with Sharon. I enjoyed being in the west and will go back I'm sure but the Atlantic is my home. Even as beautiful as the Oregon and Washington Coasts are, I want a beach I can walk on and water I can swim in A LOT!!

    Safe travels and quick repairs.

  8. Bifocals? Didn't you have contacts when you were a kid? Mine are combo - regular vision in dominant eye, bifocal in other. Works great. Try it, you might like it! Have fun as you embark on the second year.

  9. You’re right. Georgia has definitely provided rich culture to the American history. It offers many attractions such as historical landmarks, museums, parks, and panoramic views of lakes. It’s an absolutely ideal place for a getaway, especially for people who want more than a time for relaxation. Glad you got to visit Albany!

  10. Who wouldn’t miss such a beautiful place like that, right? If I were you, I would always find myself visiting that beach over and over again. No matter how busy I am with my work, and regardless of how far it is from wherever I am, I’ll still make an effort to see that beach once again. ;) I hope that you guys find time to go back there. Someday soon! :’)

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