Sunday, March 25, 2012

Visiting the Grands is so Grand…

2012-03-22 JJ and wildflowers 031

2012-03-22 JJ and wildflowers 037We have enjoyed hitting some of our favorite restaurants and taverns while in Bryan Texas.  We especially enjoy the fact that we can now get good Mexican food once again. Sorry East Coast but what you call Mexican food is lame…

Thursday we headed over to the south Austin area where our son and his family lives. We hadn’t been to visit them in well over a year so it had been a long time. We drove the 115 mile drive to see our son, his wife, the grand-kiddos as well as the grand-dogs. Spending time with them was fantastic and it almost seemed like we had never been away. We were a bit worried whether the grand-kiddos would remember us but in no time they were in our laps, conversing, and just having fun… We attribute this to the use of cell phones and technology such as Skype.

2012-03-22 JJ and wildflowers 024While there we made up some of our favorite dishes for the youngsters and  as it turned out our four year old loved salmon… who wouldda thought?? The homemade bread was also such a hit that it not only got eaten in less than a day, but they also learned how to make it. They even sent us a picture of their first home loaf last night after we got back home.

2012-03-22 JJ and wildflowers 023While there we made time to go to Lowes to buy some 2x4’s and crafted a bed frame for the granddaughter’s bed. Now her bed is no longer sitting on the floor and she now has an “adult” bed. You could really tell she loved her new bed.

What a grand time we had visiting our son’s family and especially seeing the grands… Next time we plan to take them camping or “glamping” (Glamor Camping) as Sharon refers to it. Can’t wait as it should be a fun time then too!


  1. Looks like you had a nice visit with the Grands.

    Interesting about your Mexican food. The only real good Mexican food that we have had was when we spent 3 months in the small towns and villages of Mexico travelling to Mazatlan and back with our coach, in 2009-10.

  2. How wonderful to be able to visit with family. Those grandkids are adorable. Such wonderful smiles! Enjoy your visit. Make lots of memories! ~wheresweaver

  3. Great that you can get some good Mexican food once again. That's Donna's favorite, and she just has to cook some herself if there's no good place around to go out to. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Can't think of any thing more beautiful than those smiles!

    Karen and Steve
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