Wednesday, August 8, 2012

In the land of Giants… Klamath, CA…

Strange bushes growing in the pastureHumboldt State UniversityThe weather here in Klamath, California is not much different than what we experienced along the southern coast of Oregon. Morning fogs roll in and tries to burn off in the middle of the day only for another wave of fog to roll in later in the day. Temperatures range from the mid 50’s to mid 60’s and we are actually seeing less blue sky here than in Oregon!

We were able to add another day to our stay at Golden Bear RV Park. The people that stay long for the summer Redwoods and Sharonmonths are real nice people. The night we got here they were having a pot luck fish fry with the fish that they caught that day. We had some good eating that’s for sure…

The next morning we headed south to Arcata, CA since we wanted to tour the Humboldt State University campus. A nice little campus with a hodgepodge of architectural styled buildings. However, the campus is seemingly being squeezed in between the town of Arcata and the mountains to the east. The town Arcata also seems to be your typical college town as well.

Redwoods Northern Cali      Redwoods Northern Cali

Traveling back to the north from Arcata we took a spur off of CA101 to the Lady Bird Johnson Redwood Grove. After what seemed like driving a couple of miles straight up we got to a small parking lot for the trail head. A very nicely donelargest Banana Slug ever... pedestrian bridge took us back over the road onto a one mile loop trail through the forest where we saw some massive trees. Lady Bird would be proud of her park here in California…

The next day we took several hikes in nearby Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park because I really can’t get enough of hiking amongst these giants. Not only does every turn look like a scene out of the movie Jurassic Park but there are other weird creatures that are said to exist in these woods… such as the Banana Slug and Bigfoot. We saw a Banana Slug or two and even saw one half the size of an elk!  At least an elk on the interpretive sign. Although we looked Sorrell and fernsclosely for Bigfoot we still haven’t seen one Yeti ;)

We will leave here and head to the Richardson Grove Campground & RV Park, another Passport America park where we will stay for a few days as we make our way toward the San Francisco area. We are preparing for a weather change as highs area expected to be in the 90’s but lows will dip down into the 40’s…


  1. I'm with Chuck and Anneke ... that image of the antlers is great.

  2. Me three. Great antler photo but I also LOVE the picture of Ms Heyduke showing how really BIG those trees are. I'm with you, can't get enough of those trees. You did a fabulous job with your picture of their height. I can never get anything that gives a real sense of them as you did here. Well done!!

    That last picture seals you guys as folks with good luck!

  3. The Lady Bird grove was one of Craig's favorite stops!

  4. Besides being the mascot for UCSC, I hear those banana slugs, prepared properly, taste great. Maybe they do, maybe they don't.

  5. Excellent photo's. Another place to add to our list of must see's.

  6. I love your play on words..."haven't seen one Yeti." Very clever.