Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Highway 1 Loop Drive and moving on…

Ukiah, CA 016imageOur last day in Ukiah, California we decided to beat the heat a little and head to the coast in our car where temperatures stay in the upper 50’s most of the time. The loop we took was about 140 miles long with 45 of those miles on Highway 1 along the coast from Fort Bragg to just north of Point Arena. For those that have considered Highway 20 as a route to take with a motorhome I would say it is doable with a few steep downhill segments and quite a few sharp corners but I did see a  lot of fifth wheels and motorhomes on this part of our loop. Ukiah, CA 002As for the part we took from north of Point Arena on Mountain Lookout Road I would say one would have to be insane to even consider taking this route in their rig. There were many grades on this narrow road in double digits!!!

We left Ukiah where the high was to be 103 degrees and got to Fort Bragg where the temperature was 57 degrees. Crazy how much temperature variation there is along the western coastline. Unfortunately for us there was still a lot of fog along the waterfront so although the scenery was out of this world it  was really hard to capture it in a picture… I almost said “capture it on film”… I guess that expression could die out soon. I mean how many people under the age of 25 even know what film is?

Ukiah, CA 008     Ukiah, CA 013

We saw some great scenery on the loop… There was a fisherman fishing along the rugged and foggy coastline… We saw abalone divers looking for a bounty of shellfish… We saw colors of plants and hues of water that seemed unreal at Ukiah, CA 019times. We even found a small microbrewery in the Anderson Valley hiding amongst all the vineyards. Everywhere we have ever ventured we find there is always something to see…

The next morning it was time to leave Ukiah and head south to Alameda County Fairgrounds RV Park. Another long day of 147 miles but it was mostly on Highway 101 and some interstates. Now the traffic in the Bay Area was not real pleasant but we only Ukiah, CA 022experienced one slowdown and only a few AS%#OL@S

We are tucked in a very tight little spot but met our neighbors who are very friendly so all is not bad. We asked to move to another site but apparently that was a bit too much to ask of the volunteer here so we will make do with this site. Excellent location beats out negative Nellie anyhow…

Tomorrow we are thinking about taking the BART into San Francisco. I’ll let you know how that turns out…


  1. What the heck is that dude doing in the first picture? We are all about parking the big rig and driving the toad on tight roads, steep roads and any road where we want to pull over and look at stuff. If you have time, check out Napa Valley Winery Exchange- downtown on Taylor street. Once you buy from them in the store, they can ship to you. Some great wines from small wineries.

  2. I'm glad you explained about the diver in the first picture. Now I remember they do a lot of abalone diving in that area. The weather sounds so nice.....

  3. I would have enjoyed watching those abalone divers. Fascinating.

  4. Ah, Abalone! We made a couple of RV trips up to Fort Bragg to join some abalone diving friends for some mighty fine feasts.

    BART is awesome. It's definitely the way to get to and from The City. Enjoy!

    Downtown Pleasanton is quite charming. Nice restaurants to choose from. Have fun!

  5. I'll take temps in the upper 50s over the three digit temps anytime of the year.

  6. It was great meeting you both! Thank you for the tour of your lovely home. We hope you have a safe and pleasant journey. We wanted to say goodbye when we left this morning but wasn't sure if you were awake. Looking forward to following your journeys!
    Rory & Angela

    1. It was great meeting you! Sorry we missed your departure..

  7. I just love all the places you have been going, brings back many memories. BART is the only way to go. Have fun in the city. If you are going south, 1 and 101 is a great highway.