Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pleasanton CA and good news for Sharon…

Pleasanton CA

The main reason we stopped in this part of the state of California at this time of year was for Sharon to have her 6 week post op checkup for her wrist. The appointment in Berkeley was with a doctor recommended by her surgeon.

Merikay And Craig with JohnAs an extra bonus… we had planned to meet up with blogger Merikay and Craig of My Dream has 16 Wheels. When Merikay first emailed to arrange our meeting I wasn’t sure we would be able to get together. She had suggested we meet a Berkeley Bowl and hip little grocery store that also serves food in a little café inside the store. Once I put the address in Google maps and discovered it was less than a mile away from Sharon’s doctor’s office we had a date.

Pleasanton Concert in the ParkIt is about 35 minutes to Berkeley from the fairgrounds and since the appointment was at 1:30 we left at 10:45 to meet Merikay and Craig for an early lunch. It was fun to get to meet her and Craig as I have followed along as she went from thinking about full timing to getting her house ready to finally buying an RV. We enjoyed our “chat and chew” with the two of them and wish them the very best in the future adventures with their Alfa…

After lunch we went to Sharon's appointment and the news from her doctor was all good. Everything was healing as it should so Sharon can now be rid of her splint and start working on her range of motion in her wrist.  She is cleared for all activities and can get back to doing some of the things she missed doing…. bicycling, lifting weights, yoga and Frisbee golf.

Pleasanton Concert in the ParkBack at the fairgrounds we discovered that the town of Pleasanton has a concert in the park every Friday night in the summer. So we decided to go into town which is only about 1.5  miles away and check out the music scene in Pleasanton.

We arrived at the park about 30 minutes early and were surprised to see just just every patch of ground taken. People gathered in small groups sharing food and bottles of wine or beer. This was a huge social event right there in downtown Pleasanton. We really enjoyed ourselves and the music of the XXXXX band was perfect for the evening. Folks of all ages were dancing to the 50’s music filling the air… It was Pleasanton CA Gas Stationentertaining watching the kids playing, friends socializing and dancing, seniors reliving moments from their past through the music and we certainly didn’t see anyone not enjoying themselves.

Pleasanton is a nice town that reminds me of many Norman Rockwell paintings. They even have the smallest gas station I have ever seen… too bad the prices don’t match…  We have enjoyed the last few days here and even extended our stay till Monday as we have found Pleasanton to be… well…quite pleasant!


  1. WONDERFUL news for Sharon. Thanks for the update. Enjoy your new freedom, Sharon.

  2. So happy for Sharon! Pleasanton sounds really nice.

  3. We went to Portuguese Water Dog trials in Pleasanton and were surprised to find such a charming small town feel in the Bay area. I didn't realize it's in Alameda County. Glad you found a good place to stay and hooray for the news of Sharon's healing.

  4. In summer 2011 we stayed at the fairground too. Seems our paths cross frequently -- but not simulatneously. Like you, we really liked being there. It was our base for San Francisco visits. Glad you are well.

  5. Congratulations Sharon. It really is great to get back to life as we have known it. My ankle took a lot longer to heal and I never take it for granted any more. I'm with you on the biking and yoga and weights but although I really like it, I'm terrible at Frisbee golf.

  6. That's great, Sharon, it must be a relief to you. You'll be lifting those 100 pound weights any day now.