Saturday, February 2, 2013

A day in Rockport Harbor…

Rockport and nearby 017

We had a couple of pretty windy days here in Rockport as a cold front pushed its way through this part of the state of Texas. It has since passed and left us with much nicer weather. We didn’t do too much outside while the windy and very chilly weather hung around but we did make a road trip into Corpus Christi to shop for a TV at Sams Club. We finally decided it was time to replace the original TV with a more modern LED set. A future blog will detail the trials and tribulations I went through to get it installed.

Rockport and nearby 018   Rockport and nearby 006

In the meantime to take advantage of the nicer weather we took a stroll down near the Rockport Harbor and paid a visit to the Aquarium there. The Aquarium is a non-Rockport and nearby 001profit entity that was established so that the city of Rockport would have an Aquarium. It is predominantly staffed by volunteers and provides an educational opportunity for the citizenry of the nearby communities. It is free of charge to visit but of course accepts donations. They have quite a few tanks housing various aquatic species found in the nearby waters.

We enjoyed the aquarium and our friendly chat with one of the volunteers. He shared with us that many tourists come in with questions about specimens they find and if the volunteers cannot answer their questions the volunteers walk next door to the marine biology lab as the biologist there "knows everything". He acquired this reputation as he has always been able to identify whatever has been brought to him thereby impressing all of the volunteers. Since the aquarium is at the harbor we decided to take a stroll and check out vessels docked in and around the harbor.

Rockport and nearby 010     Rockport and nearby 011

We saw quite a mixture of ships and boats and although I still don’t really know when to call one a ship and another a boat I still enjoy looking at them. If I had any inclination to learn how to sail and navigate I could easily envision us sailing around the Caribbean in our RV on the sea instead of traveling in thet land yacht we currently own. We even saw a group of three ships that had the names proceeded with the letters RV… We found this mildly amusing as we pondered these floating RV’s… Just down the way we spotted a fixer upper for sale… Obviously one that would take a LOT of fixing it up to make it sea worthy!

Rockport and nearby 014     Rockport and nearby 015

The harbor is a great way to spend a part of  the day while visiting the Rockport area. Just taking in the sights and sounds is thoroughly relaxing… We visit this part of the town often just for the ambiance as we enjoy strolling along this harbor…


  1. We enjoyed the sights and sounds of the harbour as well.

    Every now and then I think it would be cool to learn to sail, but maybe it is better as a daydream than reality ... lol.

    take care ... TnT

  2. That's a pretty cool jellyfish photo.

  3. Just love that area for great atmosphere. Looks like you had a nice day.

  4. Ships v. boats: A ship can/does carry boats. Usually lifeboats.
    If you haven't sailed, do so. Sailing makes everything better.

  5. Glad your weather has 'warmed up' a bit. Two of my siblings and their spouses, plus 3 sets of cousins and spouses winter in Rockport each year at 1069 RV Park (I think that's the name). They love it as it's small and quiet - until they crank up the karaoke!