Monday, February 18, 2013

Rockport Farewell Tour… and meeting bloggers before we left…


Last Day in Rockport 004As our month stay in Rockport comes to a close we decided that on our last day that we should revisit all our favorite places. So what did we do?

We first drove to Mustang Island State Park to enjoy the sunshine and the surf. I packed my fishing gear as.I wanted to do a bit more surf fishing but by the time we arrived at the shore the clouds began to roll in and the surf picked up.. It was low tide and the temperatures were hovering around the mid sixties with winds blowing at 20 mph making for horrid fishing conditions.. Knowing it would be quite some time before I'd have the opportunity again, I decided to fish despite the challenges. I  fished for a little over an hour and although I had no bites at all I enjoyed myself anyway..

Last Day in Rockport 021Last Day in Rockport 026

We left the park and took the scenic route back along the shoreline through Port Aransas (cars can drive along the beach in tis part of Texas) for about 6 miles.  Last Day in Rockport 003We savored the sites and sounds of the beach. Next we passed through Port Aransas and took the free ferry across the bay to Aransas Pass.Happily some dolphins made an appearance for our enjoyment as we queued up for the ferry. Last Day in Rockport 045Not too far down highway 35 we entered the town of Rockport to take our favorite bay drive to revisit “our ducks” and to see the Rockport Harbor.

Sharon loves the harbors here so we also wanted to go a little further north along the coastline to enable us to watch the oyster boats roll in one last time at the Fulton Harbor. We thought about having one last happy hour at the Sugar Shack but today's happy hour we had already planned to try to meet up with another blogger we had yet to meet.

I read yesterday that George and Susie Yates of Our Awesome Travels had justLast Day in Rockport 049 rolled into the town of Rockport so I left a message suggesting we try to meet up before our departure. They agreed so our last stop was at their park for happy hour. We were excited to meet the two of them as we have followed their travels through reading their blog posts. As Last Day in Rockport 033with many bloggers we meet for the first time we found it quite easy to converse as it often feels as though we have already known them for quite some time.The time flew and I feel sure our paths will cross again whereupon we can meet at another happy hour. to pick up where we left off.Last Day in Rockport 052

After our farewell trip to all our favorite sites we are off to Goliad State Park for a few days then maybe a one night stay in Shiner, Texas to visit the Spoetzl Brewery. Last Day in Rockport 048Next up will be a trip to the bar-b-que capital of Texas in Lockhart where our son,his wife and and of course the grandkids will come to stay the weekend with us…

One last home made “freshly plucked from the sea” Oyster Po'boy wouldn’t hurt either…


  1. It sure is interesting meeting fellow bloggers, and you're right that the conversation happens as if you already know each other. We're looking forward to meeting up with you all at some point!

  2. Great idea to visit your favorite places before you go.

  3. One of these days we will find time to get over to that part of Texas. We are currently back in Houston "backyard" camping at our friends.

    We've met many, many bloggers over the last four years. Lots of great people.

  4. Wow did your time fly by. Safe travels.

  5. Yes it was great finally meeting you guys and as you said the time just flew by. Safe travels until we meet again!

  6. Enjoy your travels. It was great to see you again.