Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Grand’s 5th Birthday…

BCS 017

BCS 002We are in the last week of our stay here in College Station, Texas and there are many things we had planned to get done while we were here, many of which remain unfinished… sigh. But one of the things we had planned to do was to attend our grandson’s 5th birthday party in Buda, Texas.

The weather in the Bryan-College Station community has been windier than we were use to when we lived here before. OF course the day we went to Austin was one of those windy days. We were very glad we were taking the toad and not the RV as we passed many RV’s moving all over the road in those very windy conditions. Also as we drove we noticed a few of the Indian Paintbrushes and Texas Bluebonnets starting to peek out, as well as the buds of many of the trees starting to open up. Obviously spring has begun to show its face in this part of Texas.

BCS 031                         BCS 034

We spent the night in Buda, Tx and really enjoyed one last visit to see our son and his family (and of course our favorite grand-boxer Marley). Next week we begin our trek out east. Our grandson was very happy with his presents, especially his batman cape and mask. He wore them nearly the whole day… As we left to head back to College Station we noticed that the devastating fire that occurred in Bastrop Texas several years ago was still very evident as the once beautiful pine trees in this area are now mostly dead and blackened. Many have been cut down while others have broken off and have fallen onto the ground below in disarray. It will still be many years before this part of Texas heals itself and returns to the beautiful area it once was…

BCS 037Once back in College Station we decided we had better start knocking some things off our to do list. I have finally trimmed up the front TV and now just need to match up the stain and finish and it is done. I repaired the broken latch in one of our bedroom closets and bought the part to repair our front A/C that quit working about 3 weeks ago. Being near a place that sells RV parts assisted in getting these things done here. I have also just about finished up the back bedroom TV replacement as well. We still have a big list and lots of people we need to visit before heading to Louisiana on the 20th, so we had better get busy…


  1. Glad to see that you were able to get another visit in with the family especially with it being your grandson's 5th birthday. Love that Batman cap and cape.


  2. So nice to vist with the family while in the area, especially a 5th birthday party.
    Even get a few repairs done too.

  3. Sounds actually like you got a lot done in a short time including the perfect 5 year old birthday gift. Well done, he looks great!

  4. So great that you were able to celebrate your grandson's 5th birthday with him! Enjoy your final days in your hometown.

  5. That batman cape and mask is adorable! A real super hero for sure!

    Karen and Steve
    The USA Is Our Big Backyard