Saturday, May 4, 2013

Chilling in North Carolina…

Southern Pines NC 037

Southern Pines NC 034We booked a month at Heritage Campground near Carthage, North Carolina but we had only planned to stay three weeks. Well those three weeks are up but we have decided to stay the additional week after all. With the chilly weather we have been having we think it would be best to wait another week before going anywhere to give some more time for the chilly weather to leave…. Geeeesh! When will the normal warm spring weather return to this part of the Southern Pines NC 002country? Global warming indeed!

So in the meantime as we chill in North Carolina we still seem to stay relatively busy. We are not too far from a really nice and scenic disk golf course where we go to play occasionally. We even managed to get our daughter Katie and her roommate down to play a round.

Also in the nearby towns we continue to wander the neighborhoods and streets in Southern Pines NC 055search of azaleas and festivals since at this time of year there seems to be a lot of festivals and the azaleas are still in full bloom. However many of the azaleas had their early blossoms knocked to the ground in one of the recent heavy downpours we had recently in some of the nearby communities. We attended the Pinefest Festival in Southern Pines and attempted to visit the Pinestock Music Festival also in Southern Pines that day but the opening act sort of scared us away… Let’s just say it wasn’t our type off music…

Southern Pines NC 011We also have gone out and about to take in some of the sights in the nearby towns. We visited nearby Pittsboro where we enjoyed the quaint town featuring a nifty looking historic Courthouse taking center stage in the square. Of course we were on our way to the Maness Pottery and Music Barn that day so we  experienced the down home southern hospitality in Carthage, NC as well. We were also able to listen to some other musicians at one of our favorite pubs Maxie’s.

And when we aren’t doing one of the many above things during the day or evenings we have also simply enjoyed where we are. We take daily 2 mile walks up the dirt roads in the woods here at Heritage Campground. These roads big bassare a great place to watch birds such as the red headed woodpecker seen flying off in the distance in the header photo to such migrants as the summer tanager, red starts and many of the varied warblers. This is also a great spot to watch the vegetation bud out and slowly turn from one shade of green to the next. So we are enjoying our time here watching spring slowly creep into the state but we are about ready for some warmer temperatures so we can move on to new and exciting destinations…

Life has slowed down and between enjoying life here and me taking in some leisurely fishing every now and then we still find plenty to do. Heck every once in a while we have actually had some fresh fish for the dinner table…


  1. Glad you are enjoying the area, it looks really pretty. Hope the temperatures start to warm up real quick. We are finally having some well deserved warm weather here now and the snow is quickly melting. Hopefully within the next two weeks the ice might actually be off the lake.


  2. Watch out. The Old North State is known for short Springs. It will be hotter than heck there before ya know it.

  3. This spring has been really strange. It was 35 here yesterday and today its close to 70. Really tired of the rain. Hope it improves there for you.

  4. Love the spring weather, seems like summer is a long time coming too.

  5. I sure hope this crazy weather isn't the new climate chaos reality. I like my springs to show up and stay around a little bit at least before the summer muggy sets in.

  6. Happy Cinco de Mayo! Sounds like a relaxing time there. We had record lows here in Houston--47 overnight low. Oregon just had record highs of 88. Go figure. I am happy with the cooler weather we have experienced in Louisiana and Texas, but locals say it is not typical.

    1. crazy crazy weather, now it looks like we are getting a few days of rain in the upper 50' s to low sixties...

  7. Nice catch! That looks like some pretty good eating :)