Monday, May 20, 2013

Waiting for the Rain to Stop in Raleigh…

Baby Canada Geese

Raleigh NC 013We have been enjoying the Raleigh area once again as we stayed here a couple of years ago.. We have been revisiting some of our favorite places in town and nearby such as the Duke Gardens and the town of Carrboro. Most of the photos today are from our visits to William B Umstead State Park where there is no admission to enter. We had a lunch and afternoon visit with Sharon's Aunt Frances who lives in Raleigh and were fortunate enough William B Umstead State Parkto see our daughter and her roommate who both came up for a weekend visit. Now we need to start been planning where we may want to go next.

Our initial plans were to go along the outer banks of North Carolina but the early chilly weather compounded with my concern about our disappearing coolant mystery has me wanting to stay closer to the bigger towns and cities in case we need to be towed again. Why you may ask? Well Good Sam’s roadside assistance will only tow you to the nearest facility that will agree to work on your RV and if you want your RV towed anywhere else you have to pay the difference.

Swallowtail ButterflyWe learned this with our experience in Carthage, NC because when arranging the tow I  had asked to be towed to H&H Trucking since Cummins recommended them as the closest authorized dealer. However when calling Good Sam’s they said that many other places closer may be able to read the engine fault code since the software to do so was readily available. Fortunately for us though no other dealer closer than H&H (which is south of Fayetteville) had the software so were towed to H&H after all. We figure we may not be so lucky should it happen again out in the boonies along the coastline.

SkinkAs a result that leaves us looking at the interior of NC and Virginia. We do plan to make a stop at our friend's place in the Shenandoah Valley if that works out before going for our mini vacation in Niagara Falls so at least we have a target to shoot for. We originally planned to leave Raleigh today but the weather calls for rain over the Black Racers matingnext two to four days so we will extend our stay here at the Raleigh Fairgrounds for a bit longer since it looks like it would be raining wherever we went. Besides we have lots of laundry to do anyhow…

So hopefully we will get some sunshine and clearing between rain events giving us the opportunity to go out and visit a few more parks we have read about near Raleigh that we haven't been able to explore yet…


  1. Hope your RV issue is resolved! We just had to get a new tow sister says she is getting lots of rain in Carthage... Stay dry!

  2. You're in our neck of the woods. The fairgrounds are great to stay in for awhile. Have fun in the area.

  3. Rain in Alabama and rain in Georgia and floods in both places. We're headed up to SC and then NC so I hope it goes away by then. I think my feet are beginning to squeek when I walk. Sorry you are being controlled by the coolant as it were. Hope it's not too long before you know for sure if it is an issue or just a technician's mistake.

  4. We have started to get some rain here in Fla as well.