Thursday, May 9, 2013

Our month is about up here…

Southern Pines and about 007

Southern Pines and about 032Well another month sure moved by quickly and as of Monday we will have to find a place to stay since our time is up here at Heritage Campground. As a result we have started to redo some of our favorite things in this area which have brought us much joy. Another visit to the Carolina Inn was just in time to see the last flash of color from all the azaleas. The rains we have had here have begun to knock down all the blooms and in fact as of today there are few if any left showing those brilliant blooms. We will have to wait till next year to see them again…

Southern Pines and about 019Southern Pines and about 012

Southern Pines and about 031We made another trek on Tuesday over to the Maness Pottery and Music Barn to enjoy the picking and grinning of the local musicians playing a nice mix of bluegrass and country. The vittles provided there were also top notch this time around. We never had the opportunity to visit with Clyde the owner of this musical venue this time around but that too can wait till our next pass through here… We also made one more trip over to Reservoir Park to take in several rounds of disc golf and to enjoy a leisurely three mile hike around the reservoir. I figured out a few tricks in the disc golf game and shared them with Sharon which has made her game much better… More fun on the links for the two of us!

Southern Pines and about 006Southern Pines and about 005

Southern Pines and about 014But now that we are leaving on Monday we had better get our butts in gear and figure out where we will go next. We figure that we can always go up to the Raleigh Fairgrounds for a few days to a week but where will we go afterward? Then one morning I got my weekly Travelzoo email full of goodie trips and noticed they had one for Niagara Falls a destination we thought about going to see this summer. So we booked a few nights at the Ramada Inn in Niagara Ontario in Canada so at least we now know where we will be on June 16th… Now all we have to figure out is how we will get from here to there over the next six weeks. Oh well looks like we have some planning to do!


  1. Niagara Falls Ontario has excellent views of the Falls. Touristy town and Niagara on the Lake is a nice visit too I think you would enjoy.
    Too bad you are not bringing you coach, so much to see in southern Ontario.

    1. Oh but we are bringing the coach - it was just too good of a hotel deal to not enjoy it and all of the amenities...

  2. So many things to do in NOTL. Hire a wine tour. Take in a Shaw show. Visit gardens. People watch.

  3. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Isn't it great to be faced with such decisions?

  4. Those are gorgeous blooms for so late in the season. I keep saying I want to go to see the falls but I never do. Glad you snatched that deal. I love the planning and often do just what you do. Pick a place and plan the route there. Acadia in July is my goal this summer. And the Maritimes in August. Maybe you'll turn right and head up that way again too after Niagra.

  5. Glad to hear you are playing disc golf! Hope we get to play with you some time!

  6. We have camped in Niagara on both sides and have visited there many a long weekend. Let us know if you need any suggestions. There are so many many things to do there.

  7. Niagra Falls sounds like a great destination, can't wait to hear about it.