Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Boat Ride and Getting Ready for the New Year…

Boat Ride Fort Myers Beach 001

Boat Ride Fort Myers Beach 002When our new friends, Art and Betty, asked if we wanted to go on a boat ride we were quick to say yes. What a great day we had on their boa!. We left from the Lover’s Key State Park boat ramp headed toward Fort Myers Beach along the bay. It wasn’t long before we spotted a few dolphins parting the waters and leaving a wake behind them. 

We were also able to admire the nesting Ospreys foraging for fresh sushi in the bay waters. The beautiful tangle of mangroves all along the shoreline offered refuge for the various egrets,herons and the occasional ruddy duck. Then on the other side of the bay it was populated with condos and homes from all types of socioeconomic classes. Many of the homes had huge screened lanai’s with pools and/or hot tubs in the enclosures.

Boat Ride Fort Myers Beach 025Boat Ride Fort Myers Beach 009

After a few hours of boating and sightseeing along the bay, we stopped and had a nice lunch at one of the waterfront cafes. The food was okay but nothing exceptional however the cold beers were pretty tasty… After lunch we took the leisurely boat ride back to Lover’s Key. The three of us had a great time boating.. What a great day…Thanks to our new friends from Michigan, Art and Betty!

Boat Ride Fort Myers Beach 014Boat Ride Fort Myers Beach 011

Boat Ride Fort Myers Beach 015Boat Ride Fort Myers Beach 020

Boat Ride Fort Myers Beach 022Boat Ride Fort Myers Beach 024

These past few days have been a flurry of other activities and on a few of those days we found Katie asleep on the couch. The old folks are wearing her out! We are so happy to have her here making good memories and giving her a great vacation before she goes back home to start graduate school.The new year is right around the corner so Katie and Sharon are planning for a fun New Year’s Eve… Before we know it will no longer be 2013 as 2014 is approaching. We wish all of you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year from down here in Bonita Springs, Florida! Cheers!!!


  1. Envy you the long stay your daughter and her friend are able to be with you. Sounds like a really fun time on the water.

  2. Happy New Year and enjoy the great weather.

  3. Nothing more sublimely adventurous than a calm and sunny boat ride! The torque and teasing imbalance of a nice wave, should really keep you on it 'til you reach your destination. And with the unlikely sights or two on the way, it's just downright perfect. These are really pleasant pics, by the way!