Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Imperial Bonita Estates, Bonita Springs, Florida…

Flagler Beach 12

Sunday morning came with Katie and her roomie packing to head back to North Carolina while Sharon and I packed up in order to be ready to head south just before lunchtime. Both Heather and Katie were interested to see what it takes to ready the motorhome for travel.  Katie even wanted to bring in one of the slides. Before we left Katie and Heather also wanted to ride in the motorhome so they rode with me in Abbey to the main gate while Sharon drove their car behind me. They both seemed to enjoy this brief encounter and especially the beach time they got even though the weather wasn’t perfect…

bradenton florida 007As Katie and her roomie headed east we pointed Abbey south onto the Interstate Highway. We only had a short drive of a little over 100 miles, just the way I like it. Traffic was light until we got near Fort Myers and then it picked up quite a bit. Soon thereafter we began to see signs for Naples signaling we were getting close.

As we turned west off the highway at our exit we only had about two miles left to go. We entered the park, Imperial Bonita Estates (IBE), around 2 pm. and noticed that they had already put up some Christmas decorations at the main entrance. We drove over to the office only to find it closed. They did however have packets near the door for arrivals that day and ours was in the stack.

As we looked over the information we were a bit confused as to which site we were on and with no one there we were a bit worried.. Finally I noticed that we had nametags and on the nametag under our names was “C201” which I assumed had to be our site number. So we looked at their map to locate our site and could only find one site that was site 201. Still a bit confused by the letter C in front of the site number we drove over in the CRV to look it over.

I 001  I 004

We almost always visit the site we are about to park on in the CRV or on foot so we can look it over for any possible “issues” in getting the RV in it. We also discuss our strategy of how we want Abbey to sit on the lot and how we will back into it so Sharon and I are on the same page. I don’t know if I ever mentioned this or not but our backup camera also has a speaker volume control. I crank up the volume to maximum when I am backing up the rig because I can easily hear Sharon directing me which requires a whole lot less hand motions. Now I have to admit I only figured this out after about a year on the road and I could tell that parking the rig became a whole lot easier and less stressful for Sharon once we started using it, Now I can see why so many people use walkie talkies so it is nice that ours is built in…

I 006 I 007

Once parked and set up into our new home for the months of December and January we took a stroll around IBE to see what amenities it had that would be useful during our stay. The park is a typical southern Florida over 55 park in that there are a lot of park models with RV sites scattered throughout it. We also noticed right away that it is a friendly park as we many of the residents struck up conversations with us as we strolled through the I 002neighborhood.

They have a nice pool, varied recreational opportunities such as tennis, a putting green, shuffleboard, pool, ping pong and horseshoes but lacks two items that we wished they had: an exercise facility and a hot tub. So we will have to come up with our own exercise routine during our stay and Sharon has already made use of the large patio we have for that. Apparently more activities will appear on the calendar in January when another wave of guests arrive.  Overall we are very satisfied with our site and our new home for winter.  We really look forward to relaxing and staying far away from the chill of North America’s winter…


  1. I have one of those speakers in my backup camera too, but I seldom have anyone helping me back up, so it's kind of useless for me. :(

    1. if we are even nearby Judy give me a call and I will gladly help you back up...

  2. Hope you have great weather! We use cell phones -- mine inside on speaker and Leeanne outside on hers.

  3. It took us about 8 months to discover the sound. Now I have to stop muttering when John does not do what I indicated! lol

  4. Looks like a great place to pass the winter.

    It is much easier to park a motor home than a 5er. That is the biggest difference we find now that we own a 5er.

  5. Glad to hear you arrived safely and figured out the right site. What a bear if you had to move after just getting settled in. Sorry it doesn't have a hot tub. I've never been in a park that did but I know lots of folks who for long stays in one place just love them.

  6. We spent part of two winter in Bonita Springs. Looks like you have a nice place.

  7. We have a daughter and granddaughter in Ft. Myers and always have trouble finding an RV park that we like and can afford in that area. We will have to try this one out. We like Bonita Beach. There is a beach bar adjacent to the public beach that is kind of fun. Our favorite campground in the area is the COE campground at Franklin Locks, inland from Ft. Myers. It is on an island in the river. W/E only and no activities, but the sites are large and the view is amazing. It is hard to get reservations during the winter. We managed to get them twice by trying on the website every day until something popped up. Enjoy.