Sunday, December 15, 2013

Doing a whole lot of nothing…

Bonita Phone pics 034

Knowing that we will be staying here for two months has us doing a whole lot ofBonita Phone pics 032 nothing. Normally we don’t stay too long in one spot so we usually kind of hit the ground running. Our typical travel day ends at our next RV park or destination where we take about an hour or so to get all set up then eat a quick lunch so we take a drive to see where we are and to reconnoiter our surroundings. Sharon was caught off guard when we first arrived at Imperial Bonita Estates because we didn’t do that… we didn’t do anything.

She later asked why we didn’t drive around and I figured it was for two reasons… one we had already been here before and two we were staying for two months! That is nearly twice as long as anywhere we have ever stayed! Which got me to thinking about all the little things we have been overlooking that we could repair. Not to mention we could catch up on a lot of small but important routine maintenance items. There are also some things we needed to order to replace some broken or poorly working items and now that we have a bona fide address this is certainly the time to get things ordered and delivered.

Wow  I didn’t know that bona fide was two words until spell checker threw a fit when I made it one word. Guess you can learn something new everyday… Bonita Phone pics 038Speaking of which we are planning to try to begin learning some French since we have the Rosetta Stone for French.  However in my first attempt, I realize we are experiencing issues with our microphone on the laptop right now… maybe it doesn’t like my accent. Or else it is one more thing that needs fixing (sigh).

Back to the story… Our first day here I made a list of items needing our attention and have been ticking one off nearly each day  However I find that I am also adding at least one as well. After twelve days it is encouraging to see quite a number of items scratched off the list. The hugest undertaking we attacked right away was to wash and hand wax the motorhome and CRV!  Another big item nearly accomplished is I have finally drilled and hung the trim pieces on our TV cabinet. All I need to do now is order those small little wooden plugs that hide the screw holes from Tiffin in Red Bay. They have them for less than 15 cents each… perfect! But we have done lots of little things as beaching Bonita Springs FL 018well such as cleaned and siliconed our tow bars, renew our registration for the RV,  fixed the trim on a mirror in our bedroom, fixed our shade on our living room window and even ordered some stuff we need such as new glasses for me, replacement light bulbs and an awning shade.

It's not all work and no play as Sharon has settled into an exercise routine and I am a regular at the Wednesday Cornhole tournament.  (To clarify, cornhole is a beanbag tossing game… not something X-rated)  We are also enjoying our Christmas lights every evening and socializing here and there, so all is well here in Bonita Springs...


  1. Good to hear you are doing well. I have missed your posts. The weather is warming up rapidly along the Gulf and we will be heading in your direction soon. Yes, a mailing address would be nice!

  2. Nice to relax for a while, get caught up and so repairs that need doing. we do that on a regular basis. Enjoy the quiet time there.

  3. Yes, it is rather sweet to have a stretch of time in one place. You have been way more ambitious than us though as we figure we can make a list in January. One thing on our list is to come visit you!

    1. Can't WAIT to see ya! Merry Christmas!

  4. Even though our house has not yet been sold, we are trying out the full time life with a month stay in San Diego near our daughter. We have had so much time with her and the boys that we haven't had time to relax on our own! Not that I'm complaining. I cherish these days.

  5. Amazing the small little jobs that pop up when you have time to address them! Good to sit for awhile in one place and have time to do a little work. Remember: One job/day!

    Have a great Holiday!!!

  6. Sounds like our days when we're settled somewhere for a while ... in our case, so far, a month at most. Like it or not, routine maintenance is part of our lives.

  7. Glad you found the right place. After two months, July & Aug, outside of Tampa, we decided to stick with one month. Even a month gives the opportunity to get things done. I am amazed at how quickly you waxed both the vehicles. Seems to take us at least a week.

  8. Our two month stay at Betty's RV Park in Abbeville, LA is a first for us too. We usually move every two weeks during the winter. Kind of nice to be in the same spot for a while to really "see" the area.

  9. Sounds like a little more than a whole lot of nothing