Thursday, June 18, 2015

Bike Riding and Driving on the Natchez Trace Parkway…

Jackson Miss 021

Before we left Jackson Mississippi we took a really good bike ride on the Ridgeland Mississippi multi use bike trail. We pulled off the Interstate 55 exit going east and stopped at the first information cabin. After taking the bikes off our bike rack we started on the trail just behind the parking lot and headed east.

Right before the north end at the Reservoir Overlook we took a spur over to the Ross Barnett reservoir and rode alongside the banks of this large body of water. There were a lot of people out enjoying the sunny day.  We saw groups of people in the park, some outside their million dollar homes perched on the waterway leading to the reservoir and others in sailboats dotting the horizon of the lake. Geese were all along the shoreline doing their best impersonation of lawn mowers as they were grazing and fertilizing the grass simultaneously.

Jackson Miss 022image

As we left the reservoir we wound our way back to the Natchez Trace and after another peaceful mile or two of riding up and down the undulating hills we had returned back to the CRV. The total ride was only a bit more than 8 miles but with the up and down of the hills it was a better workout than most of the recent 10 mile rides we have done.

Jackson Miss 023Jackson Miss 020

The next morning we left Jackson Mississippi and started on a northeastern trek up the Natchez Trace Parkway. The Natchez Trace Parkway has a maximum speed limit of only 50 mph. This is why traffic is often light on the parkway and another reason I happen to like this road. With the cruise control set a smidge above 50 we casually rode through one scenic meadow after another and some occasional areas where trees created tunnels over the parkway of green vegetation for us to ride through.

After about 155 miles on the parkway we exited to spend a night at the Natchez Trace RV Park. This is a nice mom and pop park just off the Natchez Trace a few miles outside of Tupelo, MS. Our Passport America rate was $18. per night which is a steal. Only a few sites appeared to be level and have 50 amp.  We had a very shady and scenic site overlooking a grassy area and pond. The manager was a bit crusty but we would stay at this park again in a heartbeat.


The next morning we got back onto the Natchez Trace and drove another 50 miles to our turnoff… Where are we heading? Well we are stopping at the birthplace of our RV in Red Bay, Alabama to have our roof rails replaced. Tiffin will replace these for free if we go to Red Bay so off we go…


  1. Are you really looking forward to all the drama at Tiffin?

    1. I can't speak for John but I feel like its not so bad as they really do great work and it is kind of like being at camp with all the other Tiffin owners lol

  2. We were on the Trace a month or so ago. But for us it was a truck, never bikes. First time we visited Tupelo. Good pics of the reservoir.

  3. We enjoyed our drive on the Natchez Trace parkway a few years ago. What a relaxing drive.

  4. I get nervous on roads where "trees create tunnels over the parkway", lest they hit stuff on the roof. But you sound like you know the road better than a first-time user would...

  5. We had the roof rails replaced on our Phaeton. They did an amazing job! Have them check the wet bay floor while you're there. Enjoy the sights of Red Bay!

  6. I've always wanted to drive the Natchez Trace. 50 mph is about what I drive nearly all the time. It sounds fast compared with the speed limit of 35 here on the Skyline Drive.

  7. Love the Trace we have done it a few times. Enjoy your stay at camp Tiffin.