Monday, June 22, 2015

Service, Disc Golf and Hiking at Tishamingo State Park…

Well, here at Red Bay, we got a bit lucky and got a call around 9:30 am to take our rig to an express bay. For those that don’t know how Tiffin service operates, once assigned to an express bay you hand the technicians a list if the items you want repaired within the allotted three hours of time. They will work off your list to get as many, or all, of the items done in this allotted time. Our number one item to be addressed in the express bay was our rear A/C was not draining properly so we haven’t been using it since way back when we were in Portland Oregon.


By the time our three hours had ended we had out A/C problem fixed, had two large fogged up windows replaced, a new door latch installed and had an electric issue with our tail lights addressed. I had two additional small windows I would replace myself while waiting over the weekend as well as address a few smaller items for which I had purchased parts from the Tiffin store.


Over the weekend we wanted to do a little exploring. One place we haven’t visited nearby was Tishamingo State Park just over the border into Mississippi off the Natchez Trace Parkway. The short 15 minute drive was amazing as we left an asphalt flatland to enter into a lush green rolling hilled oasis. This beauty of this CCC park,at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains was only four bucks entrance and what a wonderful respite this is so close to Red Bay.


There are three disc golf courses in this State Park so we chose one of them to play. The course we played was near the Swinging Bridge (more on that later) with most of it in the woods providing some needed shade as it was pretty warm and humid. There were a few holes in full sun and a few meandered up or down a fairly steep grade but what a fun and relatively easy to follow course it was.

When we finished our disc golf round we parked over by the 200 foot Swinging Bridge which was built in 1939. This wire suspension bridge crosses Bear Creek and is the trailhead for the 3.5-mile Bear Creek Outcropping Trail. I read this was one of the most spectacular trials in the park so off we went….

After crossing Bear Creek on the Swinging Bridge  we started climbing. Soon we were greeted by many rock outcroppings and by a series of cliffs and overhangs. The most well known one is called Jean's Overhang which is 60 feet and the largest overhang in the park. These rock formations date back to the Devonian and Mississippian epochs of the Paleozoic era and are not found anywhere else in Mississippi other than here at Tishamingo State Park After completing the hike we moved on to explore the 45-acre manmade Haynes Lake. We didn’t’ stay long as we were tired from our activities but we did pause long enough to enjoy the serenity of the lake. What a great day we had here…


  1. Nice...sounds like a very productive three hours in the service bay.

    1. I spent part of the weekend doing the things I didn't want to pay them do since I was entirely able to do them myself...

  2. Boy, that swinging bridge looks like some of the boards need to be replaced. Of course I would notice that since we are the "greatest" at that sort of thing!!! lol.

  3. Looks like a fun disc golf course. Lisa and I play here and there as we travel. Let's do a round of disc golf if we cross paths in the future! Happy Travels!

  4. Good service and pretty quick too. Good deal.

  5. Looks like a great hike with a little golf thrown in, too!! Yes, fun day:)