Monday, August 10, 2015

Harrisonburg, VA–A Visit from Katie and Seeing Good Friends…

Harrisonburg, VA and Shen Valley 503

We decided two nights was enough for us to see what we wanted to see near Christiansburg, Virginia so we moved in up the Interstate 81 to Harrisonburg, VA. As we neared  the town we pulled off of I81 to the Rockingham County Fairgrounds. This is another area where I had difficulty finding a site but did discover that the Fairgrounds advertised year-round camping. We are the only ones in the field and have the place all to ourselves.

Harrisonburg, VA and Shen Valley 504      image

We stopped here since our daughter Katie wants to visit. She is between semesters at college where she is a bit more than halfway though her Doctorate in Physical Therapy degree. Needing a break she wanted to meet us for four or five days before school starts back up.

Our first day in town we just caught up with chores and did a lot of grocery shopping since we found there was a Costco in town. Katie came in later in the afternoon and we posted some pictures on Facebook that she was with us. One of my Facebook friends we knew back in College Station saw this and contacted me since he and his new wife live in Harrisonburg. They wanted to have us all over for dinner that night. We had a blast reconnecting with our friend Larry and his wife Missy! As I have said before this lifestyle is fantastic as it offers us such great opportunities to reconnect with friends and family.

image  Harrisonburg, VA and Shen Valley 499

The next day we toured around the town of Harrisonburg. We walked around the town square and as we entered the courthouse to check it out we met the County Clerk and a chatty law enforcement fellow who told us all about the town and the courthouses history. He showed us some pictures of the last of the confederate soldiers in town. It is always fun when we can engage with the locals to get the real scoop about the local happenings.

Harrisonburg, VA and Shen Valley 497Harrisonburg, VA and Shen Valley 507

James Madison University is also located in town so we drove over to the campus and walked all around it. JMU is quite a pretty campus and was much larger than we anticipated as we spent several hours there. There is a large duck pond we enjoyed and it was near the football stadium that was luckily open. We walked inside to checked out the turf. On the way in there were of the blocking dummies out so Katie and I had some sophomoric moments engaging with the blocking dummies.

Harrisonburg, VA and Shen Valley 501Harrisonburg, VA and Shen Valley 506

That evening we stopped and checked out one of the local breweries  Pale Fire Brewing Company. This was a very good brewery as we sampled a few beers before receiving a call form Larry and Misty who wanted to join us for some beverages and food at a nearby hangout of theirs. What a fun evening! Yep we had a good few days here in Harrisonburg but will move further up I81 to see our dear friends in the town of Toms Brook, Virginia.


  1. Whats not to love about the lifestyle, good friends and good beer wherever you go.

  2. We travel that route often. Did not know about the fairground. Thanks for the info.

  3. How wonderful that Katie could visit. Boy are you close to Shenandoah.

  4. Yippppeee...a visit for one of the kids is so much fun. Make a lot of memories. Enjoy your adventure.

  5. We absolutely loved seeing you both. I'm so glad we had the chance to meet ! You must make it over again!
    Happy trails,
    Missi and Larry

    1. It was so fun hanging out with you!!! Can't wait to see you again!