Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Windows 10 Nightmares and Another Katie Visit…

We are still sitting in a beautiful home in the Shenandoah Valley as we have decided to stay for a while to house-sit for our friends. They were called away for a few weeks and asked us if we would stay to watch the place, so here we are. This is such a beautiful place it was really hard not to jump up and down with joy when they asked us to stay. An added plus is that our daughter Katie is still on summer break from college and came back to visit for a long four day weekend.

Besides enjoying this place I decided it would be a good time for me to upgrade my PC to windows 10. I didn’t expect that it would be that bad since I was an IT guy in my working days, but boy was I wrong. I spent the better part of three days trying to install Windows 10’s upgrade. I finally gave up and decided to simply rebuild my old trusty (5 year old) laptop and start fresh as it had been having some “issues” anyhow. Well that didn’t turn out to be much easier as I couldn’t find many of my installation product codes. I still haven’t found the ones for Office XP so I have no word or excel for now.

Also I forgot that I had to create a unique set of login credentials to get Live Writer connected back to blogger. There went another two days. I find myself still working on my laptop and at this stage know I really just should have purchased another one but I love a good challenge. I sure found one! All this time and I am only about 70 percent finished with my new “old” laptop rebuild. Enough of that though!

We have been doing a lot of walking around the just under 200 acre farm we area staying at. It sure is a great place to walk as we have the valley, the mountains and the best part is the Shenandoah River cuts through the property. We have spent as much time as we can outdoors enjoying the hiking and the fishing… Katie and I have been trying our hardest to catch some dinner but we have had to settle for some small bluegill and some undersized small mouth bass. Nonetheless we sure have had lots of fun.…

As the weekend draws to a close Katie heads back to North Carolina and we will happily house-sit for another week…

NOTE: Photo are from our Facebook page until I get Photoshop reinstalled… sigh…


  1. Our Windows 10 worked out wonderfully.
    We just followed Rick Doyles instructions and went very smooth.
    Good luck with you challenge.
    At least you having fun with Katie.

  2. What a beautiful farm. I would gladly house sit too. You had me at 200 acres and the Shenandoah River runs through it. You definitely have the right friends. Very sorry to hear about days spent with your laptop and windows 10. I've got an old Dell Latitude that is still chugging along at 7 years old with Windows 7 so I think I'll just stay put until it dies and buy a new one with 10 on it. Appreciate your advice. We're still in Shenandoah if you have time when you are finished with your gig.

  3. Why would you want to stay at the house? The view is horrible....lol Awesome!

    Glad y'all are enjoying your time with Katie. Family time cannot be replaced...not even with a fish.

  4. You could almost write a song about that place! Very nice!