Sunday, September 27, 2015

Disc Golf and Visits to Carrboro and Pittsboro NC…


20150918_154118Now that we are back in the Raleigh North Carolina area we plan to visit some of our favorite spots whenever we aren’t visiting our daughter. Katie is in the last part of her second year in her Doctorate program for Physical Therapy so we know we won’t be seeing her a lot during the week. We will see her plenty during the weekends though.

The first place we wanted to revisit was the Carrboro Weaver Street Market. We simply love visiting the quirky little co-op on the main drag of Carrboro as we spent many an afternoon there when our daughter was still playing collegiate softball. It was our favorite place to go buy a bottle of wine along with some fresh made bread, cheese and maybe some olives. Customers are able to consume alcohol on premises and they have a great outdoor seating area under lots of large deciduous trees. We bought our customary bottle of wine and broke some bread while sitting under the trees and people watching (it is a great spot for this activity). We always feel it is a great way to spend a late afternoon…


Another day we drove over to nearby Pittsboro NC to play a round of disc golf at Rock Ridge Park. What a nice park this turned out to with its excellent hike and bike trail as well as one of the best laid out disc courses we have encountered. The holes are long and tight with lots of trees which normally we don’t care much for. However, the signage on this course was the best we have ever seen. There was never a doubt as to where your the next tee box was and all the excellent signage was easy to follow. I wish more courses were as friendly to out of towners as this one was. I even managed to score a couple of birdies and we had a good workout as well since Sharon's phone app reflected we logged nearly 3 miles while playing!


Pittsboro is a neat little town as well as a county seat. The town is similar to some of the small Texas towns in that the courthouse sits in the center of town with a square around it (in this case it wasn’t a square but a roundabout). Just outside of town we found a nice brewery called Carolina Brewery. We came on a Tuesday to take advantage of their $3 pints for happy hour. However the day we got there they had just tapped their Oktoberfest and were selling pints of it for a dollar, that’s right, only a buck! Needless to say we stayed for a while and had a few very tasty Oktoberfests. We are continually amazed at our good fortune in this lifestyle!


  1. The lifestyle is amazing, and beer for a buck! Gotta love it!

  2. In your travels, as you pass Titusville give us a shout and we will introduce you to the the brewery that opened up here last Winter.