Sunday, September 20, 2015

OBX–We finally got to visit the NC Outer Banks…


Sometimes we are the beneficiaries of true serendipity.  A recent example of this occurred while we were making our way south towards North Carolina.  While in Newport News we made arrangements for our next stay at a really pretty Passport America Park called North River Campground in Shawboro, NC.  We chose it because of its proximity to the Outer Banks (OBX) of North Carolina.  Our previous attempts at visiting the OBX were thwarted by bad weather or something else so we were determined to visit this time as the forecast looked to be simply perfect.


These trips, we knew would be day trips as there just weren’t any affordable parks closer and if we went out on the OBX we would have to take some pretty expensive ferries. That was until serendipitously our friends Missi and Larry contacted us because they rented a large beach house RIGHT ON THE BEACH in Nags Head in the OBX and one of the couples they invited was unable to come.  They wanted to know if we would like to join them for a couple of nights at the beach.  Oh my gosh!  We absolutely could not believe our good fortune especially after we drove up to the house.


This was an impressive place truly right ON the beach.  Up a flight of stairs to the first level were 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and laundry.  The next upper level had a master suite with an adjacent bathroom, an open concept living area with large picture windows and a spacious fully equipped kitchen.  Both levels had covered wrap-around porches revealing fabulous views up and down the beach.  From the living area full ocean and sky views dominated the landscape.


In addition to Larry and Missi we shared the house with their delightful daughter and her super fun boyfriend as well as Missi’s really fun parents.  As quickly as possible we unpacked so we could don our bathing suits, grab our beach chairs and meet them on the beach.  This beach was one of the top ten we have seen while RVing.  It was spacious with powdery sand and perfect water temperature for a frolic in the surf.  Yes. we were mesmerized and simply stunned at our good fortune…


Missi and Larry asked us only to bring our adult beverages but we bought a watermelon for snacking and on the second day I made the NY Times recipe for rye buttery hot pretzels.  The hospitality was so amazing and we were in full vacation mode almost immediately. The second day we welcomed Missi’s parents Mike and Shirley Sue to the house.  What an incredibly fun couple they were as well.  Our last evening was particularly entertaining as Larry and Missi pulled out a game we had never played called Cards Against Humanity (yes, it is pretty wild!).  The game provided many a laugh and I was especially entertained as I had beginners luck and won the game!


The beach, the house and the company were perfect.  We loved our time at OBX and cannot thank Larry and Missi enough for thinking of us.  Serendipity struck again and with such good friends it simply couldn’t have been better…


  1. Care to share the Powerball numbers for Wednesday? You two have all the luck. Time to start spreading it around. JK, who wouldn't invite you guys into their home? That is truly a no-brainer, unlike the removal of Justin Verlander one out away from a complete game win the other night. Love to you both

  2. What luck! How nice to get to stay right on the beach:) It's always good to have friends in the right place.

    1. John and Sharon are the perfect guest! So helpful and fun. My family enjoyed visiting with them. Our walks on the beach were priceless. Hope our paths continue to cross with them !

  3. What and amazing getting away does not sound like it could get much better.

  4. WOW....did you two hit pay dirt. What a gorgeous place. Enjoy your stay! Use

  5. Your visit was our good fortune ! We love you both

  6. Sands of Time RV Park in Avon on Hatteras Island cost the same as North River. We have stayed at both. Ferry is free all the way to Ocracoke.

  7. What fabulous pictures. Those last two were just....well......color me seriously envious. I was REALLY hoping we could go down for a month or so and stay at the National Seashore and I just found out they close the campgrounds on Columbus Day in October. DRAT! You definitely have friends in the right places - gorgeous farm in the valley and now this. When you write the book about how you do that, I'll take the first copy.

  8. Serendipity is a good thing. Looks like a great time on the beach.