Sunday, September 6, 2015

Five Reasons Disc Golf is a Perfect Game for RV’ers…


Our first day back in Harrisonburg we decided to check out one of the disc golf courses we did not play last time we were here. After checking out reviews of the course we drove over to nearby Westover Park in Harrisonburg, Virginia. This course has 22 holes where they sometimes vary the layout of the last three but we only played the main 19 hole course.

This was a fun course but also quite challenging given our skill set. There was quite a bit of elevation offering new challenges to us in trying to perfect our drives up and down steep hills. What made it even more challenging was the tightness of the drives as there were tons (and I do mean tons) of trees that always seemed to be in our way. We had no choice but to laugh at many of our shots. Despite the challenge, we still felt that playing the Westover course was a great way to spend the afternoon!

For those of you who have never played disc golf we feel you might like giving it a try. Its pretty inexpensive to pick up a beginner set of discs like the one pictured here. The Professional Disc Golf Association web site is a good source for learning about the sport. Also you can check out the instruction videos at the Disc Golf Association web site. Next you can scoot over to Amazon and buy a starter set and have a blast… We just Google "disc golf courses near me" and off we go!

    Product DetailsDiscraft Beginner Disc Golf Set (3-Pack)

    What we like is, unlike real golf you don’t need to lug around a bunch of heavy clubs. We are by no means experts (or even real good) at this game but we sure enjoy it immensely. Most holes are either a par 3 or for and depending on how competitive you are most courses have different tee boxes (like real golf) for beginners and for experts allowing you can make it as competitive as you want. We simply play for the fun of it. An added bonus is you may get in a a couple of miles of exercise often in a pretty setting.
    This is a perfect activity for us RV’ers for several reasons.

    1. Hey, it is something we can do together and have fun at the same time.
    2. It is another way to get in an enjoyable walk.
    3. Best of all courses we have played at the past 5 years have been FREE so the only costs are the discs themselves. image
    4. Another good thing is the discs don’t take up much of our valuable storage space (certainly not like real gold clubs would).
    5. Lastly, our tradition is after exercise days such as this it's a great excuse for us to check out one of the local breweries in town.

    We had fun on our 18 holes at Westover Park and after completing the game as per our tradition we went over to check out the Three Notch’d Brewing Company. Their American Pale Ale was very good and Sharon had one of the very best Oatmeal Stouts we have tasted!
    So what are you waiting for? Get you some discs so you too can go out and have some fun!


    1. Looks like a fund way to enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise at the same time.

    2. We play disc golf when we find a good course. We played a really nice course in Spearfish, SD. There are some pictures on this blog post: Check it out if you are in the area. If you guys are in San Diego this winter, we should play a round at Morley Field by Balboa Park.

      1. we will be in wintering in Florida this year but San Diego next year... hopefully our paths cross sooner so we can play before then!

    3. Thanks for the info. I always wondered about it.

    4. My son has switched from regular golf to disc golf because of a bad shoulder. He really enjoys it too.

      1. yes it is a whole lot easier on the joints as well...

    5. Now this sounds like fun. I think I will check out the website. Thanks!