Thursday, September 3, 2015

Time to go, down the road to Harrisonburg, VA…


imageOur last day in the Shenandoah Valley was uneventful but enjoyable as we stayed "home" soaking in the last views of this beautiful place. Our friends were out of town for appointments so we spent a good part of the day cleaning the house as our big thanks to our hosts. We have been here just shy of four weeks and we were surprised at how much stuff we had moved from our motorhome to make ourselves comfortable in these much larger digs. For about half the morning we moved our belongings from the house back into the motorhome and organized the items as we brought them back. We were wondering what Abbey, our motorhome, was going to feel like to us after living in such a large house for nearly a month. By lunchtime we were nearly finished except for the last bit of our laundry so we decided to have lunch there before leaving.


After the laundry was done and the lunch dishes were cleaned and put away we said our farewell to the Shenandoah Valley and once again hit the road. Our destination for the first night was a familiar site , the Rockingham Fairgrounds. We hope to hide out at the fairgrounds until after Labor Day holiday weekend. There seems to be so few sites in nice campgrounds available during this particular holiday and we found this to be true once again. Therefore we decided the fairgrounds would be perfect.


We pulled into the fairgrounds and were surprised to see another rig as we were the only ones here last time. We may have to leave Monday as they are preparing the fairgrounds for a huge horse auction. We no sooner got set up when those friends that owned the house we stayed at in Shenandoah Valley called and asked if we wanted to meet for pizza and beer at the Blue Mountain Brewery. This sounded great as we hadn't had the chance to say our proper goodbyes…

We visited the Blue Mountain Brewery a few years ago and I remember really enjoying their Pale Ales and IPA’s. The drive over took about 40 minutes and it is a very scenic drive through the Mountains. There were spotty thunderstorms in the area which made for a pleasant view as we drove. The occasional lightning bolt and rain showers were a welcome sight to this parched land.


imageWe no sooner had arrived at Blue Mountain Brewery and ordered a beer when another storm arrived. We sat outside to watch the storm roll in as we waited for our friends. After 5-10 minutes of storm watching our friends rolled up. We enjoyed a last get together with them and had a fabulous pizza. The pizza was a bit pricey but certainly worth it as it fed the four of us easily and was so good! Paired with their fine craft beers we had a great last supper with them, Before we left we had our growler filled for only $7.50. That has to be the cheapest growler fill we ever had.

After our goodbyes and see you later’s we headed back to the motorhome to settle in for the weekend anxiously awaiting Saturday's Texas A&M football game… Whoop!

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