Monday, October 19, 2015

A Beachy Day at Hilton Head SC…


imageOur drive down to near Savannah was a long 200 plus miles and it was because we wanted to run from the cold front. We also wanted to avoid all the closed roads and parks that are still prevalent in South Carolina. We settled in at another Passport America park at Hardeeville-Thomas RV Park for $25 per night. We pulled into our pull through site and hooked everything up.

With daylight still to burn we looked for something to do nearby. What we found was Sarge Park, a disc golf course, inside of the Sergeant Jasper Park. This was a small but pretty technical disc course that took us around a small pond. It was a nice park and it enabled us to get a few miles walking in after the longer than normal driving day for us.

The next morning we took a short road trip over to Hilton Head Island. For some reason we have never been to Hilton Head so we decided it was time for us to remedy that. It was about a 25 minute drive to Hilton Head and we were a bit worried about traffic as it was a Saturday. This is supposed to be the last warm day before a cold front pushes through. Therefore it would be the best day for a beach visit.


Our first stop was at the north end of Hilton Head at Singleton Beach. This park had a pay and go parking lot at $1 per hour so we paid for an hour and walked along the beach. We walked for about 30 minutes taking in the surf, the sea, the sand and the waves of sea oats on the dunes. 20151017_113030image

Yes it was sure nice to be at the beach once again. After we finished our walk we drove on down the road  to our next beach.

20151017_113105Coligny Beach is probably the most well known and most popular beach on the Island and it has a large area of free parking. Since it is currently the off season there weren't a lot of people but it was still somewhat populous. The largest gathering was about 80 to 100 students from Appalachian State having a rather large beach party. We sat on the beach and ate lunch before doing another mile or two beach stroll. As it was nearing 2:30 we headed back home as we wanted to watch some college football.

Although we were disappointed our team, Texas A&M University, got spanked we were still very happy we took an early day trip to Hilton Head for a couple of walks in the sand and surf…


  1. Nice to walk the beaches while the weather is still warm.

  2. As many times as we have been through that area, we've never made the drive out to Hilton Head either. Looks lovely! Glad you were able to capture a warm day with an almost empty beach:)

  3. I love the beaches and thank goodness we have a few more those ahead of us.

  4. We were headed that way and changed our mind. Maybe next year.