Thursday, October 29, 2015

Making our way to Vero Beach Florida…


Hoping we had left Murphy behind us in Titusville Florida we headed south down the road once again. After a short drive today of 60 miles we pulled off of the highway near Sebastian Florida. Our park is one of the Encore parks and also a Passport America park called Sunshine Travel RV Resort. We don’t have many more stays before we land in Bonita Springs on November 1st for 3 months.

We decided to stay here for some more beach time,  to visit Sharon’s cousin and his wife and to celebrate Sharon’s Birthday. When we started RV’ing fulltime we were carded to enter 55 and over parks.  Now after nearly 5 years we have both turned 60 so carding is no longer warranted. We are both hoping this new decade is as good as our last one was…


Since we needed to do laundry and our new park uses a coinless card system for laundry we brought it with us and did our laundry at the Great Outdoor Resort. When all was done we drove back the more scenic route and stopped at a few beaches along the way. This way we felt we hadn't wasted a day retrieving the sewer hose.


Well, despite our hopes, Murphy did show up one more time as when we were setting up our RV at our new park we realized that I apparently left our sewer hose hanging on a fence at our last park. Since we only drove 60 miles today we decided to get some lunch on the road and head back to Titusville to retrieve our sewer hose. An hour or so later we pulled into our old site and our sewer hose was still hanging on the wall. Thank goodness!


imageWe also stopped off in Sebastian at a little Nano-Brewery called Pereidolia Brewing. The name Pereidolia apparently means – “The imagined perception of a pattern or meaning where it does not actually exist.” While we didn’t find their beers that we sampled exceptional they did have some good guest taps on handimage and this is a nice little bar with a good vibe.
We ended up with a “not so typical” travel day but we certainly made up for the shaky start. Now I am only hoping Murphy likes Vero Beach and stays behind when we leave…

At least the next day was less eventful and since it was Sharon’s birthday we decided the best way to spend it was to go to the beach… so we went to four different beaches from Sebastian Florida down to Fort Pierce Florida. Our favorite one was the beach at Round Island Riverside Park. We certainly enjoyed this special day for Sharon at the four beaches and topped it off with happy hour at the 2nd Street Bistro in Fort Pierce followed by some home made gumbo!


  1. Happy Birthday Sharon !
    Gotta love this fulltiming,"one Beer at a time"
    Thats the way we love to go as well, but usually drink ours at home wherever we are.

  2. Oh what luck to have the hose still hanging there.

    Love the happy birthday in the sand. Glad you had a great day, Sharon.

  3. Happy birthday, Sharon.

    You actually drove 60 miles each way (120 miles) to retrieve that hose? At least you were rewarded in that someone else hadn't taken off with it.

  4. The other day we drove 50 miles debating if we wanted to take the route our Randy suggested. I wanted to turn around and go back, but Craig soldiered on only to find a road closed sign in the way. We turned back, eventually arrived at our destination many more miles than necessary. #%$t happens. At least you got you hose back.

  5. It is always a question if it is worthwhile to drive back to get something. The price of gas (cheap now) and the time spent vs. the chance it might be gone. When I was a kid back in the late 40's my dad drove all day to return to a campground where I had left my Teddy Bear.

  6. Happy Birthday Sharon! Four beaches in one day is a pretty nice way to spend any day, much less a birthday. Glad your sewer hose was still there!

  7. Happy Birthday Sharon!! Too funny about the sewer hose. Glad you were close enough. 120 mile round trip. Was the gas less than the cost of replacement? You must really like your spot in Bonita Springs if you are returning for what? the second or third time. It's a great area for sure.

  8. Happy Birthday Sharon. Enjoy those beautiful beaches.