Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Last Visit with Katie and Some Disc Golf…


We are about to wrap up our stay here in North Carolina and start moving south. We decided to play one more round of disc golf at nearby Rock Ridge Park near Pittsboro. Katie had a long weekend so she drove over to our park to stay with us part of the long weekend. She also said she wanted to tag along and play a round of disc golf with us.


The nice thing about Rock Ridge park is that since it is mostly rocky and sandy all the recent rains had no real effect on the park. There is no mud nor any standing water. This made for an enjoyable 18 holes of disc golf. After finishing the round we headed over to Carrboro and relaxed at the Weaver Street Market since Katie had never been there. It was pleasant sipping on some crafted beers (purchased in the co-op) while relaxing and people watching under the large shade trees out front. Our son Jason will be in nearby Chapel Hill for continuing education for his job at the end of the month so Katie chatted about how excited she was to see him and show him around. After we finished the beers we headed back to the RV.  While driving I could tell we were going to be treated to a nice sunset so we stopped to check it out as it set over Jordan Lake. We were all glad we stopped and took several photos as a memory to our great day together.




The next day we took Katie down to Chapel Hill and played our other favorite disc course at Reservoir Park near Southern Pines NC. This is a much easier park than the one at Rock Ridge so it was perfect for Katie to loosen up her sore arm from the other round of golf. Since she doesn’t play this sport very often the muscles she used certainly let her know how mad they were.…

After our 18 holes we strolled around the town of Pinehurst and its iconic Carolina Hotel one last time. Then we drove over to Aberdeen to revisit a brewery we had a lot of fun at several years ago called Railhouse Brewery. While the brewery is not nearly as fun as it once was when it was much smaller the beer is still pretty good. An added treat was friends Molly and Duane who live near the brewery, came by to visit with us over beers. We had fun reconnecting and catching up.


The weekend at the RV with Katie was filled with day trips, making all her favorite meals, playing games and enjoying each other's company.  It was indeed a nice break for her because her calendar has been filled with school projects and tests as she is winding up her second full year of graduate school.  While it will be sad to leave, we are happy knowing that she is enjoying pursuing her degree and has a great circle of friends surrounding her.


Currently we are still working on a route south. Since a large portion of Interstate 95 remains closed I am beginning to think we will simply avoid all of Interstate 95 in South Carolina. We had certainly hoped that the highway would be open before we leave. We are now planning to depart on Wednesday morning so now all we have to do is determine which way to go from here… {shortly after penning this blog I discovered I95 has been completely reopened}


  1. Good news for a lot of folks that I 95 is open.

  2. Sounds like y'all had some great family time. Nothing can take the place of family!

    Even though I95 is open and you have time, take the scenic route. I think, much prettier views.

  3. Too Much fun with Katie, nice to spend the time with her.
    I agree with Weaver. If you have the time the scenic route should be a nice relaxing drive.