Saturday, August 17, 2019

Amazing What Filth Some People Can Live In…

Wow, it is hard to believe the last time I blogged was way back on Saturday, July 20, 2019, nearly four weeks ago. Where did the time go and what were we doing during that hiatus?. Well we were mostly working very hard on our rent house although we did have a few fun days (mostly in July).


One fun thing we did was attend the Dixie Chicken’s (a well known college bar near the Texas A&M University campus) 40th birthday party. We do recall having had a little too much fun on a few occasions there in the 1970’s. Anyway, this was a great little event even though it was pretty dang hot. We has some fun listening to a lot of musicians at the bash, the best of which was Roger Craeger.


We actually hoped to be out of College Station by August 7th but the tenant in our rent house informed us he couldn’t be out of the rent house until July 24th. Well the 24th came and went. They did not move out until the 30th. We had an agreement where we could go in before they moved to do some work but that meant we would really only have 7 days to flip the house and make it ready for new tenants. That was definitely not enough time so we added yet another week to our stay.


As you may remember from our last blog these renters have been the most disgusting renters we have ever had with regard to cleanliness. They were great in making their rental payments every moth for the last 8 years but apparently they never ever cleaned the place… NOT EVEN ONCE in 8 years. I mean there was even dirt and dog hair on the ceiling – did I mention they had three large dogs even though only one dog was allowed in the lease? Some of these pictures are taken before and then after we cleaned…


We soon discovered we had several major projects to do. We had already built a new fence and replaced the concrete driveway but after seeing the inside we realized we needed new flooring, new paint, several repairs and a massive cleaning of their filth left behind.


Once they moved out the first thing to go was all of the carpet. Although it was only 8 years old it had been destroyed by the dogs digging holes in it and peeing all over the place. After donning gloves the carpet was cut into smaller pieces and carted out to the curbside thrown atop the huge pile of junk the renters left behind.

I neglected to mention that upon entering our rental the stench of dog urine and dirty dog smell was overwhelming. We thought removal of the carpet would help eradicate  the foul smell but it hardly made a dent.


I will rant a bit more about our ordeal in the next blog but just to let you know we are now happily back on the road of retirement…

NOTE: We are back on the road and in Waco Texas until  August 18th and then up to Wichita Falls to see our new nephew working our way to New Mexico via Childress and Pampa, Texas…


  1. It is amazing the filth that people can live in , With 3 rentals over the years to the nicest people and families, That quickly changed after they moved in. Sure hope you have more luck with the new tenants.
    Sad to say no more rentals for me.

  2. We found the same thing when our tenants moved out. It was so bad, we put in new carpet-less flooring, new kitchen sink (!), scraped the stop top (ick), and on and on. This repair cost a bunch of money and then these people had the nerve to ask for their cleaning deposit back. They had a small child too. How could this family keep that child healthy with that filth?

  3. It is hard to imagine people living in that kind of filth, it is no way sanitary even for those that lived there. I know you are glad to have that cleaned up and back in order again.

  4. WOW - excellent work! The place indeed looks brand new, trust it will rent quickly to a tenant that will take pride in their home.

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