Saturday, July 20, 2019

What I’m Doing on My Summer Vacation…


It’s been a while since I have blogged but lets be real we aren't traveling right now and have mostly been steadily working on our rent house. However, a few readers recently chastised me for not keeping everyone up to date, so here goes…

Things aren't going as well as we had hoped as the tenant keeps delivering excuses for not leaving on time. Granted he has paid through the end of the month but we did let him out of the year lease on the condition that he would let us in to do some work and he would be out shortly after the twentieth of July.Well here we are a few days from the 20th and another excuse arose where it seems he will be there for another week or so. Thankfully he has at least honored letting us in the house to do some work despite his still being there.


He usually allows us a half day so we have been chipping away at the inside work. We are happy to be working on the inside where it is air conditioned since we are experiencing heat in the upper 90’s. He packed up the master bedroom and most of the master bath so we have been able to attack those rooms in earnest.

No photo description available.No photo description available.

Out went the old carpet, the carpet pad and all those nasty carpet tack strips. We were then able to clean the trim, walls and ceiling to prepare for painting. Two coats on the ceiling followed by two coats on the trim and all that was left was the walls. Two coats of light grey paint on the walls and the Master Bedroom is all but done.


The Master Bathroom needed some more TLC. I had to replace the overhead light as the tenant decided to plug in an LED light to a fluorescent fixture and not surprisingly burned out one side of the light fixture. The light has been replaced with an LED light which is a heck of a lot brighter. I also replaced the large vanity mirror with two smaller, more intimate mirrors.


All that is left is a little touch up paint, re-caulking the tub,a final clean up and the master bathroom will be DONE. Unfortunately that still leaves about 80% of the house to do. We have been nicking away at some tasks such as cleaning walls, baseboards  and removing wallpaper as well as repairing small holes, cracks and nail holes in the sheetrock. There’s still a lot of painting to do and flooring also needs to be replaced. We are desperate to get as much done as possible so it will be ready to show when the students begin their return in August.

IMG_20190717_112042IMG_20190704_104024Also we had to replace the vanity faucets which was a bit challenging due to tight quarters inside the cabinet. With new paint for the cabinets inside and out the Master Bathroom is looking pretty good. Sharon did a great job on cleaning the bathroom and was able to get all the SCUM off the the faucet fixtures saving us a hundred bucks for new ones. The bathtub and toilet were also a mess but Sharon worked some magic with a scour stick which had been recommended by a friend who is a professional cleaner.


We have taken a few breaks from working as we enjoyed the fourth of July at the George Bush presidential library which was open to all ending with a great fireworks display. Some old friends have also reached out to host some dinners for us which we have very much appreciated!


Sharon is still seeing a physical therapist for an overuse injury and I have a VA appointment to check out my knee pain. Otherwise we are enjoying some happy hours in town and had a nice break enjoying the George Bush Library’s July 4th celebration. Well, that is our life right now in College Station, Texas and we hope to be leaving by August 7th, Wish us luck…

NOTE: We are back in our old home town until  August 7th…


  1. Proof as to why I have zero ambition to be a landlord.

    1. It may not be fun at times but that income stream sure helps in doing what we like to do...

    2. Yep, you do what you have to do...

  2. WOW- the property is looking great! We purchased the Fran's childhood home, her dad built, in Dayton a few years ago. It's going to need, lots of help soon. Want to bring yours talent to Dayton :)

    1. After we get done here it will be a long while before I desire to do another one...

  3. The work is looking good. Maybe the tenant is helping you pace yourselves.

  4. Just signed a contract to sell our house. Several offers in three days, one of which was above asking price with no contingencies. Just saying...

    I feel your pain having just fixed ours up to sell.

    1. Congrats... hope to see you on the road soon...

  5. Wow!!! That’s a summer worth of hard work!! Things are looking really good!! Glad you got some fun thrown in for good measure!!!