Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Beginning of the Future!

Well here I am at the apex of my work life looking down towards the retirement part of my being. I have had a very eventful working life but now am longing towards my retirement days... my target is February 2nd or March 2nd, 2012. Only 121 more Mondays until I am set free.

About me: I am now 54 years young and early in my life I decided I needed to do as much as I could do while I was young while I could do it. I was an avid backpacker and outdoor enthusiast. I traveled every where I could afford. I married very early in life to my wonderful bride of 34 years and counting. Interesting enough we were very opposite in what we enjoyed but over time we have slowly migrated to a mid point... I admit it is skewed in my direction.

... ahhh the beginning of my blogging career seems to be coinciding with my wish to retire. This blog will be dedicated to this pursuit of figuring out how to best retire and obtain the worldly riches we desire. These riches will be anything but monetary since true happiness can be obtained in many different ways. On to this pursuit...

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  1. I'm officialy making this blog my guide to my retirement years! Your stories are so encouraging, from the onset of your retirement spadework, to your latest travel adventure in Florida. It just goes to show how important the working years are in prepping for retirement. Most people would shrink from the task, but not you. Cheers!

    Dave @