Monday, May 23, 2011

Recipes and other cooking thoughts…

I have mentioned a few meals we have prepared while on the road and have had a few requests from some of you for our recipes that we use. The only problem I have with this is that I really don’t use many recipes but I have guidelines that I use to make the meals we like. The first recipe I am going to share is our Tuna smothered in a zesty mushroom sauce. This is one of our favorites but there really isn't a set recipe - more a list of ingredients. Then depending on how much you like some of the ingredients and how thick or thin the sauce is you can modify the ingredients to make it just right for you. 100_5025

Other recipes we have are works in progress as we learn to use our convection/microwave oven. We have been working on recipes for a lot of bread products such as bagels, home made pizzas, focaccia bread etc..

One of the biggest challenges we initially had was finding the right sized pan that would fit in the oven and still provide a large enough surface area so we could have a decent amount of food… most of the commercial pans we found were too small. But then I had a eureka moment, as the 13x9 pan we were about to throw away since it was a wee too bit big, just needed some tweaking to be the perfect RV convection oven pan. So I got a rag and some vise grips and slowly bent upwards the lip on each end of the 13 inch side. Then with some subtle bangs with a rubber mallet I had it…

bagels in covection ovenViola the perfect convection oven bread/pizza/cookie pan… Give it try and see if this works for you as perfectly as it did for us…

The next recipe I will post will be for the bagels since several of you have asked for it as well. Note how the edges of the above pan were bent upwards to square up the pan and thus shorten it enough for the convection oven in our RV.

Now as far as the recipes go I think I will post them on the other blog called Road Treats since they seem to fit better there than here… what do you think? Should I post recipes here on this blog or on my sister blog?


  1. Here or there, but the label should be recipe plus what the recipe is for. Recipe, tuna. The restaurants would be better labeled with the addition of the town as well as the state. Just thinking about some future person who might be in the area and wants to search your labels.

  2. the cooking/baking looks pretty darn yummy!!

  3. The tuna looks delicious. We will try this the next time we have tuna. I vote for the sister blog. I just bookmarked it. Thanks.

  4. I vote for here with the delicious pictures.