Thursday, November 1, 2012

Last day in Yuma and on to Mesa, AZ…


We got a lot done our last day in Yuma. We washed the motorhome and the CRV for the first time in a long long time since the Palms RV Resort in Yuma allows washing  of vehicles on Tuesdays. We also were able to get all our laundry done at their excellent laundry room. Those tasks took up most of the day so when we finally finished up the chores we spent the remaining daylight hours in The Palm’s excellent pool and hot tub.

Mesa AZ 001Our last night in Yuma we decided to eat out at a little mom and pop shop I found while perusuing foodie blogs about places in Yuma, AZ. Although the blog was fairly old, after reading through and Yelp everyone seemed to verify that this one particular spot stood out as one we should check out. So we drove over to Yuma and ended up in a rather non scenic part of town but soon we found the converted house to restaurant named Los Manjares.

Once seated we were promptly waited upon and brought chips and salsa. The salsa was runnier than we prefer but the taste was excellent with the right amount of heat for us (spicy) and it didn’t take long before we ate all the chips and sauce. We ordered the Pepe's Special - pork in tomatillo sauce and a Carne El Pastor taco. The Pepe’s Special was unlike any tomatillo sauce we have ever encountered but it was absolutely delicious and spicy.  The Carne El Pastor was out of this world. I almost ordered some to go to eat later…2012-10-31_10-53-15_455

Both with a full and happy belly we did our last minute packing at our motorhome and the next morning we dearted Yuma around 10:30 for the 220 or so mile drive over to Mesa, AZ. We pulled into the Apache Wells RV Park around 2:30 and pulled into a site not only wide enough for our RV but also room for the car beside it. Nice park with nice amenities for the Mesa AZ 019Passport America rate of $25.15 (taxes included). This was the closest inexpensive park we could find near the Mayo Clinic.

That evening we used a Groupon Deal we bought for $6.00 to go over to Nimbus American Bistro and Brewery. The deal was only six bucks since Groupon sent me an email for $10.00 off any Groupon. As a result we enjoyed some finely crafted beers and an order of Hot Wings all for $6.00. While the wings were only average the beers were excellent and for only six bucks we had a great evening out enjoying not having to cook at home. So now we are ready to get Sharon for her appointment at the Mayo on Thursday and hoping they'll have a change in schedule so I can be seen too…


  1. Gotta love those small mom and pop places, that are so quickly going away. Glad you enjoyed you meal there sounds wonderful.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful night. Don't miss Oregon Stop Pizza in Mesa. The pizza is fine but you will love the entertainment.

  3. Glad you were able to give the MH and car a bath. You might try "The Solution". It's a waterless wash. We use it on our MH and it's safe for clear coat painted surfaces. It's an easy way to keep the vehicles clean and doesn't scratch or leave swirl marks.

  4. That food made my mouth water...yum!

  5. Your meal sounded great. You deserve kudos for being such a good sleuth. Wishing Sharon excellent results on her checkup!o

  6. As long as Sharon keeps drinking good beer, she'll be just fine. Hope the Mayo visit goes well. Enjoy the desert. Too brown for my taste.